Exactly 10 years after departure: Pastor Olutimehin, a hero and an Elijah with exceptional qualities


One of the heroes and fathers of faith that the history book can never forget is Pastor (Dr.) Abraham Onasanya Adebanjo Olutimehin, the 5th General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, who slept in the Lord on this day 10 years ago.

His Biography 

Pastor Olutimehin was born into a Christian family in Itele, Ijebu East Local Government of Ogun State on Monday, 8th August, 1910.

His father, Jacob Oguntimehin, was a renowned farmer while his mother Hannah Oguntimehin, was always giving helping hands to her husband on the farms. Their ancestral religion was Ogun (the god of iron) hence the name Oguntimehin literally means ‘god of iron supported me’. He later changed the family name to OLUWATIMILEHIN (meaning God supported me) in conformity with the family’s new religious belief.

Pastor Olutimehin had his primary education at Itele Anglican School, via Ijebu-Ode and later proceeded to St. Mary Anglican School, Imushin to complete his Standard Six education in 1928. In 1929, he gained admission into Ijebu-Ode Grammar School for his secondary education.

Since he was of the Anglican Church background, he had no difficulties in securing teaching appointment after his secondary education. He taught in various schools until 1939 when he decided to join the services of Methodist Church for better conditions of service. In appreciation of his outstanding performance, the authorities of Anglican Church mounted heavy pressure on him to return to their fold. By 1943, he had his services transferred to Anglican Primary School, Igbile near Ijebu-Ode and a year later, he was transferred to United Anglican School, Ilado-Ibefun, near Ijebu-Ode.

Pastor Olutimehin was the only living child of the four children of his parents (Late Pa Jacob and Hannah Oguntimehin). Three of his siblings who long died before him were Late Hannah Onajoke Okeowo, mother to Late Pastor M. A. O. Okeowo, Late Pastor S. O. Ola Olutimehin father to Pastor Sunday O. Olutimehin and late Bernice Adekoya, mother to Mr. Ayodele Adekoya, all of blessed memory.

Ministerial Journey 

His first tutelage before ordination was at Kano under late Pastor Adelaja for six years. He was ordained in 1950.

First ministerial assignment: Jos.(5 years)left to join Late Oba I.B Akinyẹle till 1958 before leaving for owo, Ondo state.

He first met Baba Babajide at Kano in the entourage of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola who had just started the third branch of owo's church when he joined. He spent six years in owo And was transferred to osogbo in 1958. As Assistant General Superintendent as well as maintaining his D/S Post while in owo.

He was transferred to Lagos in 1968 as AGS and Lagos DS and appointed trustee with Pastor J.A. MEDAIYESE AND E.T. LATUNDE.

16 Years later in Lagos, he became the 5th General Superintendent of C.A.C in 1984 at 28, Olowu street, Lagos where he served as a Prophet, Pastor and missionary till retirement in 1991.

His Death

He passed away on the 11th of October, 2011 by 11:30am. A coincidence more than ordinary. He often said ' when it's time, Jesus Himself will come for me.' He went away peacefully without any stress or disease.

His 101-year sojourn on earth was filled with ups and downs, good and bad, the wanted and the unwanted things of life. At the age of 60, he lost his wife, Mrs. Victoria Adefolami Olutimehin (nee Ogunde) of Ogunde Royal family in Itele as well as his five children. The manner in which both his wife and five children died in quick succession still remains a mystery not to him alone but to those who might have read his auto-biography, titled: “Lord, why me?” A clergyman of high repute, highly gifted spiritually, a prayer warrior who had hitherto helped hundreds of people to conquer their difficulties spiritually and then facing this type of problem. What an irony of life!

For some years, he battled with the problem of infant mortality. He married in 1938 and was blessed with the fruits of the womb few years after, but for reasons best known to the Almighty, he took them back. ‘I don’t believe that the death of my first wife and our children were the handiwork of anybody. It was a mere occurrence, best known to God’, he told Newspaper reporters.

Baba Olutimehin first son, Pastor Olutimehin Isaac told CAC News that;"all glory to God that Papa left this world with great Children, Isaac, Grace, and Abraham. Papa Olutimehin, Elijah who sees clearly...as I fondly call him, was a rare gem with total dedication to God. He was a prayer and fasting warrior. Who only slept 3hours a day. 

He was so blessed prophetically that He functions more as a prophet than a Pastor. He was blessed with the 'Elijah's anointing'. You don't have to talk before he sees. A leader who gave all his person, wealth and gift to the kingdom. There is nothing Papa cannot give. He was a pioneer of many churches he never looked back to claim and children of faith he couldn't count. His cap was no symbol of style but to prevent sunlight hit. He wore it while trekking kilometers on footwagon to plant and inspect churches. A spiritual and financial philanthropic till death. No need to mention his properties he gave just to return all glory to God. A rare gem and Abraham indeed."


  1. Hmḿm...A rare gem. God's bless his family and generations after him.

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