If you want to matter in your generation, you must be born again, Pastor Awolumate tells Youths


Pastor Segun Awolumate

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Rejoice Arena, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Pastor Segun Awolumate has revealed the heart desire of God for everyone is being carriers and bearers of his divine presence, which can only be attained by being born again.

He stated that such person must also mortify the deeds of the flesh; be spirit filled and spirit led; maintain a holy and righteous living; live in and with the fear of God; be complaint to God’s word and must be very prayerful. 

Pastor Awolumate said this while ministering on Thursday August 26, 2021 on the topic "Joseph, a Carrier of God's Presence" at 2021 International Youth Conference, Ikeji I Conference Centre, Odubanjo Region.

He noted that Joseph was highly faithful, dedicated, humble and a man of integrity in service, and nothing was committed to his hands that he never did with prudence and the fear of God. 

"Divine presence is sacrosanct for timely manifestation. Who you are connected to determines what and how you can collect, who you know engenders what and how you will be known and what you carry translates to how you’ll be handled, treated and carried. The content of a container determines how it will be handled, treated and managed hence; the content inside of a container is very paramount to the container."

"Who you know is a function of how you will be known; what’s inside of you will determine the products around and outside of you. Who you follow determines what follows you and whose fellow you are."

"The content of a container determines the treatment of the container. What makes an ordinary person accomplishes extraordinary exploits is nothing other than divine presence which guarantees divine direction and support (Daniel 11:32). To become a super person, you must embrace the supernatural God. What makes you a godly person is bearing God’s image (Phillipians 2:5).

Divine presence positions you for divine attention and intervention. You can’t be divinely led and humanly err, it’s not possible. (Romans 8:14).The honour given to a container is dependent on the value of its content, in the same way, if you are a carrier of God’s presence, you become honorable, a sought for and sought after person in your generation as Joseph and Daniel were in their time (Genesis 41:38-44; Daniel 2:47-49)," the minister charged.

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