CAC Amazing Grace Zone holds Welcome Service for new Superintendent, Pastor Yerokun


By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Amazing Grace Zone, Ikorodu, Lagos on Saturday July 31, 2021 held welcome service for her new Zonal Superintendent, Pastor T.O.A. Yerokun.

Pastor Yerokun was awesomely welcomed by Ministers, Elders and Members of the zone at a service which had in attendance the Minister in Charge of Goshen Land, Ilorin, Prophet Adefemi Dairo, Elder/Honorable David Bamidele of CAC Oke-Irese Zonal Headquarters, Ilorin and many others.

While ministering on the topic "Call from Macedonia", taking Bible text from the book of Act chapter 16 vs. 6-10, Amazing Grace Zonal Superintendent, Pastor Yerokun said Macedonia in greek can be referred to a place that is plain and that can accommodate a lot of people.

He noted that the work of God is not something you do with your wisdom or  something you do because you wish to do, adding that it is God that does His work.

He said Mysia in Act Chapter 16 vs. 6-10 is a place blessed with abundant resources but God told His people not to stay there but to go to Macedonia, saying that;"I'm here sent by God as a reformer. My coming is not human knowledge by the will of God, it's a call to Macedonia."

According to him, "the  problem we have in CAC is that many of the ministers transferred by the authority are only concerned with their comfortability, they never live like the forefathers of our church." 

He further said many also lay claim to the house of God, noting that the house of God is not what one should claim ownership of. 

"Our fathers understand that the work of God is a call to serve, not for wealth accumulation. As I'm called to serve here, you're also called to work together with me. You have to try at your own part and I will also do mine for the progress of God's work. Don't forget Jesus is coming to reward everyone accordingly. There can't be positive change in the church without our cooperation," he stated.

The Secretary of CAC Amazing Grace Zone, Pastor Olayinka while reading the welcome address said Amazing Grace Zone is a  Zone like a mustard seed which started as a small fellowship group of God loving individuals who were committed to prayers and the study of God's word with CAC Alabukun as their place of worship. 

He noted that with the help of God, this small fellowship group grew and metamorphosed into an assembly, a District and now a Zone, adding that with confidence they know that God is not through with the zone.

The Cleric further said that; "the Zone has witnessed the coming and going of different Ministers of God and has enjoyed the grace of God upon their lives coupled with their strength and weaknesses. However, the Zone has also had her fair share of backlashes of different degrees that has led to her desertification by many Assemblies, Districts and Membership, Administrative impairment and spiritual declination being the major cause. These instantly affected the financial strength of the Zone, stagnated her structural development and retarded her ability to meet up with some of her Local, Regional and National financial obligation.

"Just as the Lord Jesus said,  'Upon this rock will I build my Church and the gate of hell will not prevail against it' (Matthew 16:18), God has been gracious enough to the Zone, just like her name, Amazing Grace. This He has extended, obviously, in sending Prophet and Pastor T.O. A. Yerokun and his family to us at this time and season. Undoubtedly, you have been sent to reform, restore and reposition the Zone at large. As a Zone, we need strength for departments that are standing, resurrection for the ones that are dead, creation for department that had never existed. 

"The foretaste of spiritual revival, structural transformation and financial favour we have had in this past two months of your visit has drastically changed the face and pace of the Church. In the same vein,  we know you can also attest to our cooperation and support as a Zone. This is our five loaves of bread and two fishes (i.e our cooperation and support and we know that through your hands, God will multiply it and use it to satisfy us as His sheep).Ones again, we welcome you, your family and the Angels of your assignment into our midst and pray that your stay and administration will birth blessings, growth and the needed transformation both to you and the Zone," he concluded.

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