Why most choristers, gospel artistes have become entertainers - Pastor Oludare

CAC Yaba DCC Superintendent, Pastor S.E.A. Oludare

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor S.E.A. Oludare has said most choristers and gospel artistes have become entertainers because they failed to carry the vessel of God in their lives with holiness.

He noted that God expects music ministers to be steadfast and holy unto Him, while performing their duties. 

Pastor Oludare stated this while ministering on the topic "A Steadfast Heart" at the "Annual Festival of Hymns and Psalms: Evening with the Veterans" organised by the Choir of CAC Yaba DCC headquarters, held on Sunday June 20, 2021.

"As singers of Psalms and Hymns, how are you living your life? What are you touching? Where do you go to? Today we have choirs with beautiful clothes who carry God's vessel not with clean heart and that is why God is not backing them. I challenge you the choir to be steadfast, stand for God, when you're not standing for something, you will fall for it. There is power behind hymn singing despite the fact that some of them are written over 500 years ago. Singing of hymns and reading of Psalms can cause deliverance for your home. Don't just sing, purify yourself. For us to properly sing hymns to the Lord, our heart must be made up. At this time when it has become so difficult to stand for God or do His will, God is calling upon us to be steadfast," he said 

While quoting Psalm chapter 24 verse 3, Pastor Oludare stated that "in the temple we have the Holy place and holy of holies, the choir stands can be described as the holy place and the altar as the holy of holies. Anyone who will be a chorister must be holy and have a clean heart. As choristers, you need to lift up holy hands and pure heart to the Lord for your ministration to be accepted by God and for people to be delivered. We have discovered that today singing only comes from the mouth and not from the heart and that is why the choir has become an entertaining group. Don't just sing Psalms or Hymns, but let them minister to you before they minister to people."

According to him, in CAC our forefathers believed so much in Psalms, they had Psalms for every situation, but we are gradually losing grip of it, praying that may the Lord return us to old time religion where we appreciate those things our Fathers appreciated. 

"In CAC we have over 1050 hymns and for every occasion there is a hymn. Psalms and hymns are songs. Choir members are those who are supposed to handle them very well. For us to do it well, we must understand it, we must know it," he said.

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