Biography of Pastor Jonah Anosike

Pastor Jonah O. Anosike, the man of God after whom the Region which oversees all the Christ Apostolic Church in Europe was named, was a man with the gift of prophecy, a prayer warrior, a great deliverance Minister with an uncommon unction for healing. He was also a great preacher of holiness.

He was born in Ibeku, Umuahia Ndume, in the present Abia State. He was educated up to Standard Three,by the standard of his time, he can be said to be well educated. He was equally a polyglot as he spoke four major languages fluently. He spoke Igbo, his native tongue, Yoruba, Hausa and English Language.

He became a member of Christ Apostolic Church in 1946. He was ordained as Pastor in 1959 with ordination registration number 115. For many years, he was living in the North where he got married to an Igbo woman born by a Prophetess who was also a midwife. His mother-in-law was a Prophetess who was also residing in the North. One day in 1956, the mother-in-law saw a vision where she was directed to go and plant CAC in her native Igbo land. She left the North for Owerri.

Since Pastor Anosike was married to the only daughter, they all left for Owerri. They planted the first CAC assembly in Owerri. They moved from original land to Wetheral Road. They planted many other assemblies of CAC in Owerri.

Later on, Pastor Anosike led the demand for the creation of Owerri as a district administrative division of the church. Eventually, Owerri was created as Section 1.

Pastor Anosike was promoted to District Superintendent. He remained at CAC Wetheral road for some time as a District Superintendent before he was moved to Enugu after promotion. The Wetheral Road Church today is a DCC headquarters.

He was further promoted as the Assistant General Superintendent and moved to Enugu  as Chairman of Section E. He was fiercely loyal to the authorities of the church in Ibadan and he was one of those who remained steadfast when a particular Pastor Godwin broke away from CAC and took the Church branches to form Christ Ascention Church. 

Pastor Anosike was retired in October, 1992, but he remained active until his death in 2004.


Anosike Region covers all the countries in Europe. Thus, all CAC churches in England, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and Cyprus are in the region. The pioneer Regional Superintendent is Pastor Emmanuel Medaiyese who retired few years ago, while the incumbent Regional Superintendent is Pastor Jacob Olalere.


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