"Four Prophetic Covenant Sundays" programme holds at CAC Goshen Land Assembly

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Goshen Land, Kwara State, would from Sunday May 9, 2021 holds "Four Prophetic Covenant Sundays" programme.

The programme with the theme ‘Be Cheerful, Rise; He calleth thee’ will also hold on Sunday 16th, 23rd and 30th May, 2021 by 4pm daily. CAC Goshen Land is situated Behind Maryam Place, Sapati Junction, Ganmo, Kwara state.

The Minister in Charge of Goshen Land, Prophet Adefemi Dairo told CAC NEWS that Prophetic Covenant Sunday is a quarterly programme held in the month of Febuary, May, August and November, noting that it is a time set aside by God for people to engage with him in the prophetic realm. 

He further said it is a programme purposefully organized for all and sundry that needs a shift from the norm in their career, business, life, relationships, finances, and family, adding that it is simply an encounter with God of  the Prophets. 

While commenting on the theme which is ‘Be Cheerful, Rise; He calleth thee’, the Cleric said; "This theme carefully explains a situation where Jesus stood still to hearken to the voice of a helpless blind man named Bartimaeus. 'When Jesus heard him, he stopped and said, “Tell him to come here.” So they called the blind man. “Cheer up,” they said. “Come on, he’s calling you!' (‭‭Mark‬ ‭10:49‬ ‭NLT).Most of us are helpless in one area  or the other of our lives. It could be in the area of Health, Fruitfulness, employmement, marital settlement, relocation etc. Myriads of helpless situations that people are in. Many people  like Bartimeaus are blind but not just physically but also mentally and spiritually."

"A blind man can't see, what is happening around him, ignorant of what is ahead of him talk less of doing something about it. He is stagnated and left in a pitiful begging position. The outcry of Mercy will attract Heaven’s attention and a change of situation. All you need is to come with great expectations and your Faith. Jesus is set to meet with anyone who is ready for an encounter at this May Special Prophetic service."

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