Be a Godly church by all standards, Pastor Oladokun urges CAC Kingsrealm Assembly at Inaugural Service

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Kingsrealm Assembly, Akure, has been formally inaugurated.

The Church was inaugurated by the Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, represented by the Superintendent of CAC Itire Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun.

Pastor Oladokun, while ministering at the inauguration, charged the new assembly to be a Godly church by all standards and by some key metrics he explained.

Firstly, he emphasised that the assembly must be a GLOWING church, that is, individually and as a church, they must provide illumination inwardly and outwardly, adding that they must be Christ's representatives and solution providers.

Secondly, Pastor Oladokun said CAC Kingsrealm Assembly must be a GROWING church, adding that "this means that you must set growth targets for yourselves weekly, monthly and even yearly. This growth applies to your numerical strength, financial capacity, depth in the Word, increase in spiritual gifts and in all other aspects of the church."

The Cleric said that the church must strive to be a GROANING church, emphasising that if there's anything that must never be missing in CAC Kingsrealm in order to continue to witness the power of God, it is the spirit of prayers.

He added that "we must never jettison the place and importance of fervent prayers, individually and as a church.

Moving on, he admonished the church to be a GOING church, that is they must be active in the work of evangelism and getting the word out about Christ and His Church, adding that they must be passionate about souls and be mindful of always dropping seeds of salvation wherever they go.

Rounding off, Pastor Oladokun said CAC Kingsrealm must be a GIVING church. He admonished them to embrace giving to each other and to spiritual leaders, and most especially, participating in church projects. 

After the rich admonition and exhortation in the word, Pastor Oladokun then proclaimed blessings over the new assembly from the depths of his heart and from the abundance of his spiritual heritage. 

Pastor Oladokun inducted Pastor Femi Kings as the shepherd over CAC KINGSREALM. Similarly, Mrs Kemi Kings was formally recognized and presented to the church as a Lady Evangelist by Pastor Oladokun who prayed for her.

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