Awesome Experience! CACYOF Ado-Ekiti hosted Singles Special Nite in grand style

It was an awesome experience on Friday May 16 at Christ Apostolic Church, Oke Iye Districts’ Coordinating Council (DCC) headquarters, Ekiti State were youth/singles from various assemblies, districts and denominations gathered together for the Singles Special Nite (19th Edition) but first in Ado Ekiti.


The DCC Superintendent, Pastor S.O. Ajayi had earlier endorsed the programme base on various testimony and impact heard about the programme. Among many youths Fellowship leaders inattendance are Pastor Dr WunmiAwoyede (DCC Youth Coordinator), Pastor Soji Ayoola (State Youth Coordinator), Pastor Stephen Popoola (Chaplain RS Ado Division), Pastor Yemi Emmanuel (DCC Youth Secretary), Pastor Roland Adedayo (Curate pastor) among others.


In her Welcome Address, the wife of the visioner of the programme, Sister Mary Oluseun Olufemi popularly known as Queen Unction gave the 10 aims and objective that regulate the laudable and highly impactful programme since its inception in 2003.

SSN 10 Aims and Objectives

1.         Towards genuine redemption of the total youth of our generation.

2.         Towards full understanding and fulfillment of every one's purpose (Ministry) on earth.

3.         For Reconstruction and restoration of wasting and wasted destinies.

4.         Towards restructuring lives of youths for brighter future and excellence in life.

5.         Revealing the secrets and Biblical Principles for Wealth, Health, Excellent and Godly living.

6.         Making Holiness the code of conduct in sex-relationship among youths.

7.         Preparing youths and singles for HAPPY, FRUITFUL PROSPEROUS, BLESSED HOME AND                FAMILY LIFE.

8.         Recruiting and preparing the End time FIELD MARSHALS for end time Revival, Reformation,                  and Revolution.

9.         Towards perfect conformity of every youth to the likeness of CHRIST -in Character, Integrity,                 Wisdom, Ministry and Power.

10.       Towards Presentation of every man PERFECT in CHRIST JESUS.


The Visioner and programme facilitator of Singles Special Nite, Pastor Unction Timothy Olufemi, who is the Assembly Pastor of CAC Praise Chapel, Ogooluwatobi District in Ile-ife and CAC Youth department Teenager/Children coordinator amazingly delivered his multi-media Seminar presentation on DESTINY versus SEX in 2 major sessions that lasted over 3hours.

The Seminar was explicitly revelation and eye opening to the audience.It is full of graphical illustrations and short videos. Great testimonies with sober repentance followed the programme.


Some of the comments and recommendations are stated here:

SSN 19th edition live at CAC Oke Iye Ado Ekiti was too fantastic, so glorious and wonderful, I don't just know what to say because this is my first time of experiencing this kind of outpouring and manifestation of grace of God. The singles were alive to receive what God is giving to them without wandering about. It is God that has given us this grace. I want to appreciate the life of Unction Timothyand his Queen for this great assignment. May His grace continue in your lives. SSN is highly recommended for the benefit of our youths at all levels - PASTOR SOJI AYOOLA, CACYOF Ekiti State Coordinator



Firstly, I thank God for giving me the grace to witness this great and wonderful program. If I must confess, this program is mainly to meet my need presently both Spiritually and Physically.The seminar was mightyand I bless God for the Ministers life and living testimonies - AREMU TAIWO, CAC MIRACLELAND ZONE, FAITHWAY ASSEMBLY, ADO



SSN was so powerful. The man of God is truly designed for this Assignment. He carries God’s presence.I just think this program should not be just once in the year, it’s too powerful to be heard by few youths. I recommend this ministry for a greater height.God help you sir - OGUNLEYE DAVID,TAC ABUJA BRANCH/TACSFON ADO POLY


WOW!!! It was awesome, you really impacted my life positively. More unction to function in Jesus name. To my perspective, I will say pls sir as the Lord will grant you grace shout it loud as long as your ability to give all it takes for SSN to grow. Good work- MISS KEMISOLA, CAC OKE IYE DCC H/Q


I have learnt a lot today about destiny and sex. The meaning of destiny, what destiny comprises of, key to my destiny include to meet the need of other, and about my assignment on earth.  The seminar was great one and touching and the minister speak according to the leading of the Holy Spirit - ALOKO PEACE S. ASF FEDERAL POLY


It was awesome, the minister’s life experience is inspiring, the lecture was captivating and life changing. The approach to the seminar is highly encouraging and the ministers too really delivered the lecture well. This program needs to be extended to campus fellowship there are destiny wasting in various campus and they need to be enlightened - ASAMU MARY, CAC ILE AANU


It was a life changing seminar and the minister’s life that render it is challenging to me in particular. It is fabulous and great presentation.I will like to render a suggestion that the program should not be limited to single one, it will be very nice if there is Married Special Nite( MSN). More grace, power, wisdom, knowledge & understanding, intelligent and fire of God to the organizers and the supporter of this programme. It is indeed an educative program and life, destiny changer for the youths - Mrs. AKINWOLEMIWA CHRISTIANA, CAC OGBA ALAFIA, ADO



SSN was a wonderful nite for me. I experienced a lot especially on marriage, destiny and Sex. I saw the power of God moving in the songs and drama ministrationsas it moved the whole house around. The seminar been rendered by Pastor Unction was so touching. He is Spirit filled. My appreciation goes to all ministers that organize this program they have done great work.I pray may God continue to help you - OKOROH NAIMI BRORHILS, ASF FEDERAL POLYTHECNIC ADO EKITI



All glory belongs to the Almighty God. I experienced a new liveentirely by the seminar and gain a lot. Singles Special Nite was a wonderful one which impactedmany of us with the help of the Holy Spirit - OLANREWAJU AKOREDE, ANGLICAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP




Singles Special Nite (SSN) is an annual programme gathering thousands of youths with the aim of redemption, restoration, reformation, rehabilitation, empowerment and perfection of wasted and wasting lives and destinies. This programme started by January 2003 with the record of over two thousand five hundred singles in attendance and increases year after years to the tune of 10,000 participants in a single meeting at Ife city stadium.

Here is the mandate to implement SSN 2021 (19th of its kind) in 4 Countries, 6 Nigeria States, 12 Cities 12 Campuses and 24 Secondary Schools. With the theme; DESTINY, SEX and MARRIAGE


Our passion and burden is stated below:      

We fail to agree with the errors and lines of indiscipline that the devil introduced and fully established among the youths and in the institution of marriage. With the increase in corrupt and perverted orientations among youths leading to un-checked moral vices, sexual abuse, immoralities, sexual perversion, massive destiny wastage, SSN 2021 continues God’s weapon for deeper understanding on the subject of SEX: Knowing the implication on Destiny.... Revealing DANGERS - CAUSES - DIVINE PLANS and WAY OUT.


Watch out for LAGOS STATE Episode


 Photo speaks!


  1. The Church is matching on as we reside on the wing of the Holy Spirit to soar above, no limit no bandries...

  2. This type of seminar is highly commended.Nurturing of our youth
    should start from childhood to adulthood. Other denominations shouod borrow a leaf from this

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