Christians urged to embrace Christ, power of resurrection in their lives


 By Glorious Afolayan

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Christ Family Zone, Lagos, Pastor Isaiah Afolayan has advised Christians to embrace Christ and the power of His resurrection in their lives.

Pastor Afolayan said this during the Easter Monday message from the book of 1Corinthians 15, which he titled "Power of Resurrection and its Relevance."

According to him, the resurrection power causes the life of a man to change for good.

"When the resurrection of Christ passes through one's life, the life becomes changed for good. Paul the apostle, who was a persecutor, his life changed for good when God met him at Damascus, he became an evangelist for God. Even the believers then didn't believe he was a changed person at first, due to his old way of life, but they later believed after they had seen the manifestation of Christ in his life." He said.

He added that if truly one claims to have Jesus, people around such person will be able to testify to it through the fruits the person manifests.

"If you truly have Jesus, people around you will be able to tell and testify that you have Jesus; It becomes difficult for you to engage in those sinful acts you engage in before; you also loose interest in going to certain places because a change has occurred within you."

"When the power of resurrection comes into our life it will take away every form of worldliness in us. It is because some Christians have not allowed the power of resurrection into their lives that you see them dress like angels in church but outside the church, they dress like Jezebels. " he added.

He stated further that Christians derive strength from the power of resurrection. 

"One of the benefits of resurrection is that we might become strong; that is why, when Jesus would speak in Galilee, He said, go into the word and preach the gospel and he who believes and is baptized will be saved."

"Therefore, individually, let us ensure that we win souls, as a church let us also ensure that we go out as a fold to preach Jesus so that others can be saved." He concluded.

The programme also featured sessions of prayers, thanksgiving and song ministration.

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