Don’t pray to be like Apostle Babalola, Evang. Lawrence Oyor urges

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

A popular modern day preacher, Evang. Lawrence Oyor has urged believers, particularly Ministers of the Gospel not to pray to be like the first General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola.

He noted that they should rather do what God wants them to do, that is, doing the will of God, adding that God gave Apostle Babalola the special power he carried because of the body of Christ. 

Evang. Oyor who disclosed this in one of his recent messages explained: ”I spoke with the last born of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola recently when we lodged in her guest house in Ilesa. She said one day Apostle Babalola was coming from a crusade and the Lord told him his son was dead. The Lord told him not to raise the son when he got home. He got home to see his son dead and his wife purposely kept the son with the hope that the Apostle would raise him when he got home.”

Evang. Oyor further explained that “we asked her (the last born of Babalola) if it is possible for someone to carry what Babalola carried, she said “no.” She said she doesn’t think it is necessary for someone to carry such power again. God gave him that special power because of what he needed to open for the body of Christ. In one of his encounters with Jesus, He gave him half of the yam He uses to take care of the whole world. He was not a normal person. He got the power for the body of Christ. Don’t desire or try to be like him, just do the will of God. Do what God wants you to do and not try to be like another man.“

The Cleric implored singer sisters never to pray to marry someone like Babalola if they are looking for romantic men that will always be with them.


  1. Ur observation is good, and the submission is good,
    But don't use babalola has the subject of the matter,
    U can make ur point with reffer to any one, u can product wat God can do,(ipa ona re awa ma ridini) the u know is ways ,he is no more God,and he we for ever be God,
    Our father Apostle Ayo babalola is unique,dynamic, specially made by God,
    So he can decide to made another man who is more powerful than him ,he is God and he will forever be God.

    1. Please I urge you to read the mind of the writer.
      He is painting the will of God to us afresh

    2. If you read to the end you will understand what this man is trying to say *Don’t desire or try to be like him, just do the will of God. Do what God wants you to do and not try to be like another man.*

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