Purpose of Church is to prepare man for eternity, avoid poli-tricks, Cleric urges

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Minister in Charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Eternal Praise Assembly, Alakuko Lagos, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi has said that the main purpose of the Church is to prepare man for eternity, not poli-tricks.

He noted that transcending politics in the church can waste, suffocate, relegate, denigrate and  frustrate the life of the Church, stating that it can also terminate the lives of upcoming stars and instigate brethren one against the other.

The Cleric however said politics becomes necessary in the Church by virtue of the 'organization' dimension, saying this is supposed to aid or facilitate the 'organism' dimension.

Pastor Olorunpomi stated this while ministering on the topic "The Sociological Effects of Transcending Politics in the Church" at a  Webinar programme held on the official WhatsApp group of CAC Somolu Olaleye DCC.

He said: "let's borrow a word from the ministry of Jesus. Jesus replied, 'We have to go on to the surrounding villages so that I can give my message to the people there, for that is my mission.' (Mark 1:38). Jesus was doing healings and miracles. And people were getting carried away with that. So, He had to leave the place for a while. In the same vein, the Church has a purpose to be and to multiply life. To make this possible, there is need for leadership which brings politics to the fore. The Church is a spiritual entity facilitated by social connections. Politics is one of the social assistants to help the Church fulfill her mandate. It is needed, no doubt. But when the volume of politics goes any level near or above the volume of the Spirit, trouble looms. And that is the word transcending in the topic. Brethren, this unpalatable experience is what obtains in the Church today from local assembly to the universal. It is evident in every denomination and in Christian bodies all over.
Pity is the word."

While likening the Church to a car, Pastor Olorunpomi said in a car engine, there are different oils serving different purposes.

He explained further:
Engine oil. The most important. If it is short, there is danger. The engine is the LIFE of the car. And when the oil is gone, the engine packs up. The engine oil of the Church is the Holy Spirit

"There is the brake oil. Very important too. The brake oil of the car can be likened to the CHARACTER of those in Church Leadership."

"There is another oil called ATF. It is used in the transmission system (gear) and also for the control and lubrication of the steering wheel. What the power steering oil does in the car is what politics does in the Church
Please note that without the ATF "oil" in the car, it can still move though with some difficulty in the control. Meaning?? Without politics, Church can still exist with some difficulty in administration."

"What if the oil is not enough, the car can still move with little or no difficulty.When the gauge is just normal, you have a great driving or cruising experience.
That is, when there is the right amount of Politics in Church, the LIFE of the Church is at optimal functioning."

"When the oil is adulterated or is too much, it will spill to other parts of the engine and mess up everywhere. Other components of the engine begin to have problems (e.g the pump and steering rack). In the same way, when politics transcend in the Church or when we import strange politics (poli-TRICKS), the Church begins to run in and into troubles. And that leads to negative effects of transcending politics in the church."


  1. Yes it's true but it's not only politics men of GOD shouldn't also be fighting for POST

  2. There should be a means of monitoring church planters and also maintain still discipline for any err ministers. God will ulphord her church worldwide in Jesus name

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