Anyone who will succeed in marriage must be super manager of emergency- Pastor Joe Jacobs

Pastor Joe Jacobs

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Amuwo Odofin Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Joe Jacobs has said that anyone who will succeed in marriage must be a super manager of emergency.

He also advised couples to fashion out principles that will guide their homes in accordance with the Scripture.

The former Youth Officer of CAC Worldwide told singles that to reject Satan’s offer and embrace the perfect will of God should not be compromised, urging them to marry someone who loves to stay with you and your God forever.

Pastor Joe Jacobs said this while ministering on the topic "Rejecting Errors, Embracing the Truth in our Time" on Thursday July 23, 2020 at the Virtual Academic Summit 2020.

According to him, three major areas to reject errors are choice of whom to serve, choice of whom to marry and spend the rest of your days with and choice of what career to embrace to earn a living or fulfill destiny.

He told youths that Satan wants them to falter in their vital choices and you must be ready to reject his proposals.

Commenting on seven avenues or channels of error, the Cleric noted that "generally, the fall of the first Adam has plunged humanity into depravity of self, sin, worldly attractions, Satan and his evil activities, and death. We need to guard against the following seven avenues by which errors gain ground in time like this which are faulty foundation, good foundation but premature independence, good foundation or opportunity but faltering spiritual strength, ungodly association and godless conviction, misleading wrong mentors, ignorance or negligence and failure of custodians of good ancient truth."

Seven ways to embrace or promote the truth in the church according to him are:
"Spiritual parents and patriarchs (outgoing generation). To ensure constant instructions, especially to opinion leaders in the Church. Conferences to emphasize beliefs, legacies, and the truth - to the reigning and upcoming generations."

"Church authority; to ensure that ministers to be engaged in the Church are Christ's disciples, consecrated, called into the ministry, enlightened and equipped with good secular education and sound theology."

"Detected errors must be promptly corrected by the relevant authority. As a member, give your life to Jesus Christ. Pray Him to connect you to a true mentor so as to be well grounded in discerning and embracing the truth."

"Determine to forsake sinful living:  give your heart to study and live by the Bible. The Bible is a cleanser, a purifier, a reliable guide to the truth."

"Pray until you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and tarry for continuous infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Be guided at all times by the Spirit of the truth.  The Spirit teaches, empowers, promotes, protects, prospers and preserves in truth.  Avoid false measures. Shortcut is the longest route to your promise land. Reject it."

"Prioritize divine connectivity by unobstructed personal communion with GOD. Salvation is progressive. Work it out daily till Christ returns for His Church. Keep your faith in Christ intact and support only the truth."
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