Cleric to parents: Knowing God is the best inheritance you can give your children

Pastor Isaac Abiara

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Vineyard of Comfort, Dallas Texas, Pastor Isaac Abiara has told fathers and all parents that knowing God is the best inheritance they can give their children.

Pastor Abiara stated this while preaching on Fathers’ Day on the topic “Real Men.”

He told parents that the cash you give your children will always not be enough to them.

“There is a place people get to in life that father and mother cannot be there. If you give your children the inheritance of knowing God, when they are ready to go to high institutions or places you can’t be, but you have given them the inheritance of knowing God, they are set for life because everything they will ever need in this life is from God.”

“I posted something on my Facebook this morning to celebrate my father. I told him "thank you sir. You taught me a whole lot, but the greatest thing you've given me was the gift of knowing God,” Pastor Abiara stated.

The Cleric noted that as a parent you are limited in what you can do to your children, but when your children know God, there is no limit to where they can get to in life.

While quoting 1st Chronicles chapter 28:9, Pastor Abiara stressed that Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the Israelites because of what David had told him when God asked him to ask for anything, adding that you cannot tell your children to know the God that you don’t know.

“King David told Solomon to know the God of his father, he didn’t just say know God. David got to a level that he personalized his own relationship with God and gave it to his son.”

“Real men worship God. Real men love God’s presence. Real men are faithful and loyal to God. Real men are not lazy. Real men protect their wives and children. Real men know the word of God and give inheritance to their children in terms of knowing God, but you don’t give inheritance that doesn’t belong to you,” he said.
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