CAC members speak on lessons learnt from January to June Sunday School Pamphlet

By 'Gbenga Bankole

There is no word that can best describe how God impacted His church with the January to June series of Christ Apostolic Church Sunday School pamphlet.

We can boldly say that the end-time revival has started in all our assemblies in CAC Worldwide considering how lives have been  blessed beyond human comprehension with the pamphlet themed "God in the Administration of Man."

Below are some of the comments of CAC members across the globe on the January to June pamphlet:

Name: Akanni Caleb
Assembly: CAC Oke-Imole, Holy Ghost Centre
District: Araromi 
DCC:Araromi DCC, Osogbo
Region: Babalola

Lesson learnt from the current Sunday school lessons:
1. God is the Source, Origin and Creator of everything including developmental discoveries like technology, medical, weapons etc. God is in control.

2. It is He that creates gap for the devil to come in and take control over man.

3. God has a standard in choosing who to lead His people and cannot be compromised.

4. As a called-out of God, l'm to represent Him anywhere I find myself.

5. Everyone that God called to lead His people is given specific assignments and it is for a purpose which must be fulfilled.

6. God always has replacements already on ground for anyone that misbehaves in his assignment. (Saul replaced by David).

7. Gender, physical deformities and family background are not barriers for God to use someone (Deborah, Ehud, Jephthah).

8. It is possible for someone to serve God in disobedience. Care must be taken. (Samson).

9. We must be very careful about the motive behind our choice because we are going to bear the consequence.

10. Our cooperation with God is very important in leading His people, we must not take it for granted.

11. Call to serve is an opportunity.

12. Despite all our weakness, God's love stands sure.


Abiodun David Ajumobi, Sunday School Teacher, CAC Sanctuary of Praise Assembly, Ikotun Lagos, Mount Zion Zone, Akinyele Region

This first half of the year's Sunday School pamphlet has been very impacting and insightful. It shows God's absolute sovereignty in all my affairs both in secular and Christendom. God controls and regulates every leadership position either we are conscious of it or not. It also points to the fact that in every leadership position we found ourselves we must acknowledge God as our benefactor and always seek directives from him. He is truly the Owner and Administrator.

Mrs. Amuda, Canaan Land Zone Ikare, Odubanjo region

We must surrender our life for God to administer it if we must make any headway. The Sunday school pamphlet has really been a spiritual blessing to us.
More grace to Sunday School Department.

Morenikeji Hannah, CAC
Oke Itusile

I learnt a lot in this Sunday School. I was able to acknowledge God as the Owner of everything and He chooses someone irrespective of who you are to take charge. If the chosen fails to acknowledge God or do in accordance to His will, he or she may be replaced immediately. We shouldn't brag about any achievement that comes rather we should return all glory to God who made it possible.

Daniel Fenuga, CAC Lighthouse, ANOSIKE (Europe) Region

The January to June Sunday school pamphlet is quite prophetic, not just for CAC, but for the whole world! May God increase His anointing on our Sunday School department and all of us. Amen!

Ojo Mary from CAC Asepe Olorun, Oka Ondo, Oke Aseyori Zone, Odubanjo Region

This series Sunday school pamphlet has been a blessing because of the things it opened my eyes unto:
1. God is the overall Administrator of this world. There is nobody without God, He is the Owner and Creator.

2.There is nobody God cannot use for His work in as much as the person will obey Him.

3. Man should always know that the position he/she finds himself or herself is by God and for God, so he should be always ready to follow God.

4.God always has a replacement for anybody he chooses in case the person disappoints Him.

5. God has no permanent friend and He has no permanent enemy.

6. God is a merciful and gracious God any moment we discovered that we have sinned we should always ask Him for forgiveness rather than finding excuses to justify ourselves.

7. As parents we should train our children in the way of the Lord so that they can continue with our Godly legacy. Example is Eli and Samuel that their children were wayward and couldn't continue with the work of their fathers.

8. God is no respecter of anybody except those that will always do His will.

9. God is a jealous God and will not share His glory with anybody.

10.God despises people that worship idols except they come to repentance.

Akinniran Akinselure Akintomide,  Christ Apostolic Church, Fountain of Life Assembly, Araromi Zonal headquarters, Agege, Lagos State, Akinyele Region. 

This Sunday school series is impactful. All I learnt in it was that only God can put man in a leadership position and can easily replace him if he disappoints as in the case of Saul and David, and we should always use our Bible as our yardsticks in everything we do, and no matter what we do we would surely give account of it.

Ologbonyo Funke Haruna, CAC Oke-Adeye, Kabba DCC, Babajide Region 

I really want to bless God in the lives of men and women of God He is using in the Christian Education department of this great church. I pray the Spirit of God will not depart from them. All our Sunday school lessons are always timely.
---- I learnt that everyone is a leader in one capacity or the other which God is the One who fixed us in those positions
* whosoever is leading in any sphere whether good or wicked,  God knows about it
* any leader needs God to succeed and God cannot condone our excesses forever. 

Adegoke Adesoji Samuel, CAC Chapel of Mercy, Okeeluwa DCC, Ondo State, Odunbanjo  Region 

I really gained and still gaining a lot. I learnt that God has a replacement for any leader that fumbles. God is not a respecter of any man. He can enthrone and dethrone. He always honors the leader that seeks Him for help and disgraces leaders that lean on their own understanding.

Akanmu Joseph from Oke Agbara DCC, Itedo ile Agbara Adura Assembly, Apete, Ibadan

Through this series I was able to ascertain the fact that it's only Almighty God that can put someone in a position or duty. When the person is on the right track with God He will be with him and He can demote someone if such a person is not following His precepts anymore.
Through this pamphlet I was able to understand that God always has a good replacement if an individual disappoints Him.

Christ Apostolic Church, Ibudo Isinmi,Oluwashina District, Somolu DCC

We saw in the series where many of the leaders started successfully with God but ended badly. Case of Jeroboam, Saul, Jephthah etc.

All we should seek after is to submit under His leading, guiding, tutelage as we saw through the priests e.g Joshua, the Kings e.g David etc.

Another vital lesson I learnt is we are all but humans, not perfect and have shortcomings. If peradventure we find ourselves here, we shouldn't be complacent, stiff-necked persons but go back to the Sole Administrator and plead for mercy.

He can have mercy but not without the punishment for blunders, e.g David, Ahab.

It's still preferable to seek His mercy as being adamant that can lead to total destruction.

Pastor Hezekiah Oluwafemi OLANLEGE, C.A.C Mount Of Solution ( CACSA) Otubu, Lagos. 

Parts of what I have discovered
* Anytime a man commits sin or does evil God may allow enemies to punish him.
* There is no one God cannot discipline.
* We should not be in haste to get a permissive will, e.g Saul. God will make our David to come at his own appointed time.
* Do not choose your children to occupy a position against the will of God .
* Anybody that is raised or called for the work of God must do it according to the will of God not for his own self will
* There is nobody God cannot use. He used Jephtha that could be referred to as bastard. He equally used Gideon from humble background. No bastard before the Lord.
* We should not be careless judge like Samson.
* Do not misuse the position of authority like Abimelech
* Anyone who fails to acknowledge God, he/she can be reduced to nothing like Nebuchadnezzar.
* God does not call without having a specific assignment for someone. We must work according to his laid down rules.

Evang. Adesiji Olusola James, CAC Oke Anu Ajilosun District, EKDCC, Ado Ekiti, Odubanjo Region

Covid-19 is a living proof that truly God is in the administration of man. Scientists, virologist and doctors were shivering and God turned the whole world upside down. He is unquestionable. But our watchword is a solution to the pandemic where God says "Look unto me and be saved, all ye ends of the Earth." Very inspirational. God bless the department. 

Evang. Afolabi Ayomide  
Christ Apostolic Church,
Oke - Isegun, Olusooye, 
Ifetedo, Babalola Region.

I learnt a lot from this Sunday School:
1. Every leader must know that someone can only succeed when such depends on God, our Supreme Leader.

2. God knows the right thing for us at the right time, we must wait for God's time.
3.We must humble and be submissive to the administration of God. 

Gbolahan P. Olalekan, CAC Hayin Dogo, Samaru, Medaiyese Region

Through this series of the Sunday school, I was able to understand that God is the Administrator of the world. He alone knows the mystery behind every chaos and settlement you see. He knows about it. He owns the heart of Kings and Chiefs.
He's so kind about our wellbeing. He knows how to execute his primitive plan even before the existence of mankind amidst downturns.
In all, He's the Alfa and Omega.
More grace to the Sunday school team.

Bro. Toluwase Ariyo, CAC Oke Anu Dopemu DCC, Akinyele Region

Simply put, the first version is rather prophetic than "an operational manual on godly management" instituted by the Chief Operator - God. We are a thousand miles closer to the second coming of our Lord and Savour, Jesus Christ. God proved, even up to this moment that He depends on no creature, no nation and no universe to make things happen and likewise, not accountable to anyone. Yet, are we learning from history? Are we on the same page with Him? If Christ could declare that He could not do anything on His own except the Father sends him, then who are we to use our earthly wisdom that is foolishness to Him to decide and control God? May we be richly blessed as we plan, prepare and participate in the second half of the season. God bless us all. Amen.

Irene Johnson-Desmond, CAC Mount of the Living God, Abuja, Medaiyese Region

I learnt that God is not a respecter of any human. He deals with us whenever we err.
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