Nothing we can give God that can attract Him except our obedience, humility- Cleric

Pastor Bunmi Babatunde

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Testimony, Pastor Bunmi Babatunde has said there is nothing we can give to God that will attract Him except our piety, obedience and humility.

Quoting 2nd Samuel chapter 6 verse 8, he noted that not all that are right are actually righteous, saying many things happen to us most times making us to question the God we serve.

The Cleric said God is very sensitive and emotional and He is a God of order, adding that demons tremble before Him but His children must have reverential fear for Him.

Pastor Babatunde who stated this while ministering at the Bible Study of the programme held on Wednesday April 29, 2002 on the topic "The Error of Taking God's Love for Granted" said we ought to always seek to know what pleases God in every sphere of our lives, stating that our worship must be done the way God ordained it not the way we want it as no one is irreplaceable.

"Just like David, we need to realize the errors we commit and not start blaming anybody. When something goes wrong, search yourself first and do not wait for witches and wizards to do that for you. Look to yourself first and find out what is happening. Many times the activities of man is a reflection of his heart. Saul was given an opportunity to serve God by being the royal father of Israel and instructions were always given through Samuel on how to execute the campaign of the kingdom which includes going to war. This shows that God has always been in charge and was telling him that He still is. Unfortunately, he went to this particular war which he and Samuel fixed an appointment to meet on the seventh day. The Bible says that prophet Samuel did not show up in time and there was disarray because the enemy kept ranting."

"We need to learn waiting on God in order to enjoy our journey with Him. God is always waiting to try our hearts, His delay is because He wants to test what is in your heart. He has not caused that hindrance for nothing other than to know what it is you have in your heart. He wants to know how much you love, fear, reverence and respect Him and His word. Kind Saul found it difficult to wait on God for seven days. May you not commit errors that will make you go against the word of God which is a double-edged sword in Jesus name. Keeping the word of God is very important. Before God will make a covenant with someone, he must have been tried and tested. At times, it has been discovered that if God's covenant will be generational upon a person then God will give him a test that will reveal the kind of person he is. Whether or not he will become unruly, wayward or uncontrollable. The trial you are passing through could be as a result of the fact that something is about to be unveiled from the mind of God. Even Hannah was delayed without her knowing it was God's doing for the purpose of giving her a major child who will bring glory to the family. That's the same way God was waiting to know whether king Saul could depend on Him. You need to keep His commandment and stand firm because that is what God will be waiting to see you do," the Cleric stated.

Pastor Babatunde also said that no one can change God because of what one has instead He will be the One to change you.

According to him, those who took God for granted were brought down as high as they were, adding that nobody is too high for God to bring down and vice versa.
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