My vision for Anosike Region- Regional Superintendent, Pastor Olalere

Pastor Jacob Olalere

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Regional Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Anosike Region (Europe), Pastor Jacob Olalere has unveiled his vision for the region.

Pastor Olalere who officially resumed as the second Regional Superintendent of Anosike Region on January 1, 2020 said in an interview with CAC NEWS said that ministerial empowerment is part of his vision for the region.

In his exact words: "my first vision which everybody knows I have passion for is ministerial empowerment. Every minister should be able to know the purpose of their calling and be effective and efficient in what they do."

"Secondly, we want to rebrand the name of CAC and also improve on our status to the level that we are supposed to be so that people will know that there is an African church in Europe known as Christ Apostolic Church. We will establish a well structured administration in Europe and bring all the ministers together irrespective of their gifts and move the church forward. Unity of the body of Christ especially in CAC is one of my priorities which we have been working on since I took over in January this year."

"Not only that, CAC in Europe wants to ensure that we are not only in the same level with other churches, but excel. CAC must not only be known for prayer, but for undiluted word of God and that is why we have been encouraging our ministers to upgrade themselves so that wherever they are they will have confidence in themselves and be able to be good ambassadors of Christ and the church. We are very sure that God is going to help us."

While speaking on church planting, Pastor Olalere said: "thank God for the church authority in Nigeria for the support we are getting from them, especially the General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji and Mission Director, Pastor C.S. Fasuyi in terms of church planting. By God’s grace we have our evangelical team here who will launch out to hold programmes and plant churches. Even here in London, we still have places where there is no CAC. We are targeting those areas now. If not because of COVID-19 that put all activities on hold, by now we should be preparing to start one or two churches. The moment COVID-19 is conquered, all our evangelical and mission teams will go into action and anywhere we need to organize crusade in order to plant churches we will do so. The church that would be planted won’t be for any individual but for CAC Worldwide. I told all the Superintendents that this time around is not about planting the church for individual, but for CAC Worldwide."
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