“Don’t run or move just yet” by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

Pastor Gbenga Aluko

TEXT: 1 SAM. 30:1-8

This topic will be considered with the following subheading:

*Background to the study


*Why some people ran/moved in the scripture

*What to do when afraid/confused/thing are going south 


Background to the study      

Saul had with the discovered intention to kill David which he survived by God’s grace driven him out of his kindred and country after a chronology of event:

1 Sam. 17 David kills Goliath

1 Sam. 18 Saul becomes Jealous

1 Sam. 19 Saul tries to kill David

1 Sam. 20 Jonathan helps David

1 Sam 21ff David flees for his life.

David later on found solace in the philistine town of Ziklag, he then mistakenly went to war as an ancillary to the army of Philistine but was expelled as a correction. He reluctantly went back to his abode (Ziklag) to a rude shock, his abode laid in ruins owing to an invasion by the Amalekites who surprised the city when it was left unguarded, plundered it, burnt it and carried all the women and children captive. 1 Sam.30:1-3, just as the enemy plunders gardens when men sleeps Matt 13:25.

May God help us to understand and correctly appropriate the place of divine direction (overcoming any pressure from any situation we are/would go through just as the master said John 16:33) which of immeasurable advantage to us in Jesus mighty name.


Not all movement is progressive, the Israelites were in the wilderness for forty years, on a journey that should have taken less than a month Deut.1:1ff.

Steps taken out of fear often leads to greater calamity, Saul feared men and collided with God, he didn’t have a second chance 1 Sam 15:24.On the 27th of January 2002 there was a bomb blast in Lagos military armoury, while running out of fear 1100 people died as a result of stampede and in a canal a death that was fear induced and avoidable.

The personality or the number of people taking a wrong step will not make it right. David (a great name and person and also not minding his predicament) had an unholy alliance with the philistines, wanted to fight against Gods people 1 Sam 29:1ff. (Same David had a different testimony not too long ago “who is his uncircumcised philistine defying the living God 1Sam 17:26). It was this decision that resulted in the calamity that befell him in 1 Sam.30.10 out of the twelve spies Moses sent to Canaan brought negative report and that didn’t lend credence to their testimony or invalidate the testimony of the other two spies Numbers 13 & 14.

Why some people ran/moved in the scripture

Harsh economy:  Abraham to Egypt Gen.12:10, Israel’s threefold journeys to Egypt Gen. 42, 43 and 46. (This journey fulfilled the 400 years enslavement earlier prophesied Gen.15:13).

Unpleasant life threatening experiences: David ran for his life 1Sam.21-23

Divine direction: Joseph and Mary Matt 2:13, Isaac Gen.26:1-3, Elijah 1kings 17:4&9

Covetousness, quest for unguided/dangerous freedom: Gehazi 2 kings 5, Prodigal son Luke 15:11

To follow Christ/be his disciple: Peter and other disciples Matt 19:27, Luke 18:28

What to do when afraid/confused/thing are going south

  *It is a time to pray 2 Chr. 7:13-14, James 5:16

  *It is a time seek answers from God Ps.34:5, 1 Sam.30:8

  *Get Godly counsels Prov. 11:14

  *Stay in and with God Prov.18:10, Ps.46:10.


David was in a very great dilemma, lost all that was important to him: his wives, properties,the honour that took him years to build as his soldier thought of stoning him and he still created time to ask God for direction, in same vein Jesus is always available and ready to guide us at all times not only against physical recovery only but also for all that is lost spiritually. Come to Jesus today he is willing and able to save and direct you today .Rom.10:13, Rev.3:10

For we know in part……responses, comments and corrections are welcomed.

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