Jesus is still looking for those He will use for end-time revival – Pastor Adegoke

By Rachael Oke

The Assembly Pastor, Christ Apostolic Church, Victory Chapel, Pastor Raphael Adegoke, has said that God is looking for those He will use for end-time revival.

He said this during the online Passover charge on Thursday night which was on the topic, “Will you host the Saviour?” with Matthew chapter 26 from verse 14 through 30, as the anchor scripture.

Stating the implications of Jesus’ choice of location for the Passover feast, Pastor Raphael said that Jesus is still looking for men who are dissatisfied with the current state of the church and for those He will use for end time revival.

Expatiating more on the life of the man whose house was used for the Lord’s Supper, with reference to the main scripture and the other synoptic gospels, Pastor Raphael explained that the man who would be with the jar of water, as Jesus described for the disciples He sent to prepare the upper room, belonged to a particular sect of the Jews called the Essenes.

“On a good day, men do not carry jars of water, it was a work reserved for women, but because the person that was going to host Jesus was an ‘Essenes’. Most of them do not have wives and they do not marry, so, most of the things women were supposed to do for them, they would do for themselves because they wanted to keep themselves holy; Jesus chose to celebrate the Passover in such a house.” He explained.

He added that Christ is looking for those who are ready to consecrate themselves – their lives and their homes for Him.   

“Christ is looking for men that are ready to consecrate themselves; Jesus told them that when you get to the man, he will show you a place prepared; ‘Essenes’ always have a place they reserve for guests that come around them to celebrate the three great feasts that the Israelites celebrated in the year and this man had prepared a place. Jesus is looking for a prepared heart today, Jesus is looking for a prepared home today, Jesus is looking for a prepared community, a prepared church where he can come in. Jesus is still looking for men whose life and home would be comfortable for him to dwell; the question is that today, can Jesus find your life and home comfortable for Him to dwell?” He asked.

Making reference to verses 24 to 28 of Matthew chapter 26, he pointed out Jesus’ institution of the new covenant as one of the notable events of the Last Supper.

“It was at this place that Jesus instituted and ushered in the new covenant; the Passover feast was celebrated to commemorate the coming out of the Israelites from Egypt ad which was a symbol of God taking us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light; Jesus brought us out of the land of slavery to sin to the life of righteousness. It was the time that the angel of destruction passed them over, when God commanded them to put the blood of the Lamb upon their door post and lintels and you must not forget that the blood of the Lamb upon their door post and lintels is a sign of the cross which means the only place where we find eternal security is Christ.” He explained.

“So, here they were celebrating using the unleavened bread, but here Jesus instituted another one with His own flesh (the flesh that is sinless) and with His own blood. Whenever we talk about yeast in the Bible, it usually refers to sin in the life of a man and when Jesus was going to celebrate with them, He made use of the unleavened bread which was a sign of a body without sin. The unleavened bread could not take away their sins, it was just used for commemoration, not a thing to take away sin; but Jesus instituted a new covenant with His own blood and with His flesh.” He added.

He then pointed out the fact that as the Lord’s Supper is being celebrated, there is an assurance that those who are saved will, one day, experience the reality by feasting with Jesus.

Concluding his message, he said, “You need to know that Jesus went through all the pains and suffering for you; and just like the man that hosted Jesus, are you ready to host Jesus now?”.

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