For this pandemic to stop we need to seek the Lord, says CAC Finance Director

Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Finance Director of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde has said that for this pandemic (coronavirus) to stop, we need to seek the face of the Lord in prayers.

He noted that world leaders, Presidents of nations, both powerful and weak nations need to seek the Lord now.

The Cleric stated this while ministering on the topic "In times like these" at the Sunday Service of CAC Oke-Ibukun Oke-Ado DCC headquarters which was live streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

According to him, now that our military might, our ammunition, fighter jets, cruise missiles, secrete intelligence services,The FBIs, CIA, M5 and the SSS cannot arrest coronavirus, we need to recognize God and seek His mercy.

The Cleric said what is happening now all over the world is not new, adding that pestilence, diseases, disasters, calamities befalling the world is not new.

He further said that many times this type of situation had happened in the past and going down the memory lane in the Bible, sin has always been the reason.

"Today we can also see how the world leaders had forgotten the goodness of God upon their countries. Many of them had kicked God out of their governance. They did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God in turn gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient."

"Can you imagine countries that God used his people to bring the gospel to Africa now preaching ‘gay marriage, and lesbianism to the same African countries. They even threatened to withdraw their aids to countries that do not comply."

"Individual sin has brought calamities into the life of some people. Some bear some deceases, sicknesses and failures today because of their sins. Examine yourself today, what are those things which you have done, or still doing now that may cause God to send his plague upon your life?" he asked.

Pastor Omitinde noted that apart from the fact that coronavirus is as a result of sin, it is part of signs of the end time, citing Luke chapter 21 verse 11.

He explained that the outbreak is part of the fulfillment of The Scripture, stating that whether the virus is man-made, God made, China virus, the scripture must be fulfilled.

The Cleric also said that "now is the time to get ready more, to mend our ways and serve the Lord. As Christians, what will you say if the trumpet sounds and the saints are raptured and you are left behind?

"What is happening now is a tip of the iceberg compared to what will happen to unbelievers after the rapture. Therefore I present Christ to you today, accept him as your Lord and Saviour. He is ready to forgive your sins and deliver you from the impending doom. Look unto Jesus today to outlive the COVID-19 pandemic. Accept him today to stay safe and be saved. In times like this, you need the Savior. In times like these, you need an anchor."


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