It is only those who embrace Christ's grace that qualify for marriage supper of the Lamb- Prophet Olukosi

Prophet S.O. Olukosi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Achievers Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Offa, Kwara State, Prophet S.O. Olukosi has said that Jesus Christ has extended His grace to us and He is inviting us to come.

He noted that everyone should not forget that a day is coming when we shall also eat on the same table with Christ and it is only those who embrace His grace that will be qualified.

Prophet Olukosi who stated this recently while ministering on the topic "Three E's of Grace 1" said when God's grace is embraced, everything changes, noting that He embraced David and everything about him changed.

The Cleric defined grace as accepting a person in a positive manner, in spite of the unworthiness of the person accepted. Grace qualifies the unqualified. Grace does not reject.

Taking his text from 2nd Samuel chapter 9, he stressed that God used David here as an illustrator of His grace, through David, God's grace was shown to the unworthy Mephibosheth.

While stating that one of the "Three E's of Grace" is "Extended Grace" and citing 2nd Samuel chapter 9 verse, he said David extended grace to a member of Saul's family because of Jonathan, adding that the word used here in the Old Testament means favour but when brought into the context of the New Testament it is called grace.

"In the era when monarchs ruled, whenever a new King was enthroned, he had also power and authority to do anything to the family of his predecessor, he had the power to wipe out his generation that they might not be heard of again, but David never did this in order to show that GRACE IS AMAZING; Saul was an enemy of David and the enthronement of David should have spelt doom to the rest of Saul's family but the amazement in grace made David extend grace instead of vengeance. This is wonderful. We as rebellious humans also do not deserve the grace of God, yet God extended His grace towards us," he said.

Prophet Olukosi further said that extended grace gives what man does not deserve citing Romans chapter 6 verse 23.

He explained that as Mephibosheth was entitled to death because of the deeds of his grandfather, so are we also entitled to death, but God's grace found and gave us what we were not entitled for (Eternal life).

He added that now because grace has been extended to us, eternal condemnation with its sorrow, gnashing of teeth in hell and the second death has eluded us.

"As grace was extended to the family of Saul through Jonathan, the grace of God is also extended to us through Jesus Christ (1John 2:12). Now we are free from the grip of sin. Extended gace knows no limits. At the appearance of grace, limitations go to obscurity. Irrespective of the  qualifications or the present state of Mephibosheth grace was extended to him. Grace knows no boundary. A candidate of grace cannot be rejected or disqualified."

"I'm happy to tell you today that, grace is not concerned with your present state. That is why anyone who comes to Jesus will never be rejected, God is not concerned with your present state of mind, He just wants you to come. For the grace of God is for all, no rejection. Mephibosheth was crippled and unworthy to stand before a King, but grace qualified him and the king ordered he should be brought forth," he stated.

The second of the "Three E's of Grace" according to him is "Grace Embraced."

He said Mephibosheth means 'Out of the mouth of shame' and indeed he was brought out of shame to where he never belonged.

He further said Mephiboseth was brought out of the land of lack and famine and his life had been in lack because he lived in the land of lack but when grace came, his life was transformed.

"When grace speaks, negativity becomes positivity. Grace transforms. Grace changes rules and protocols. He never was qualified as a cripple to sit with kings but grace broke that protocol and took him above his qualifications. When grace comes, man's conclusion about you becomes invalid. Mephibosheth embraced grace, he embraced David and all his Father's possession was restored  to him, he became a Prince again and ate on the table with the King. Christ has also extended His grace to us this day, He is inviting us to come. Do not forget that a day is coming when we shall also eat on the same table with Christ. It is only those who embrace His grace that will be qualified.
Embrace His extended grace by accepting Him as your Lord and personal Saviour today so that all the glory your past generations have lost to sin shall be restored to you.
When His grace is embraced, everything changes. Mephibosheth embraced David and everything about him changed," he said.

Prophet Olukosi said the third 'E' of grace is 'Grace can be expanded.'

He explained that; "Grace can be expanded. Embraced grace brings about expanded life. Mephibosheth received grace, The king gave him what he never deserved being a descendant of Saul who sought to kill David. He deserved judgement but he received grace. Grace expanded in the life of Mephibosheth and blessings followed him. He received the blessing of expansion because God showed him grace. Grace has been extended to you by Christ, embrace this grace that you might be expanded."

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