Current pestilence is a fulfillment of the scripture, reward of what some people have done wrong- Pastor Anu Ojo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Vineyard of Mercy, Pastor Anu Ojo has described coronavirus as a fulfillment of the scripture and a reward of what some persons have done wrong.

He noted that coronavirus or any pestilence should not be strange to any believer because it is part of the prophecies of Jesus that would happen at the end time and we are in the end time.

Pastor Anu Ojo stated this while ministering on Sunday March 29, 2020 on the topic "Signs of the End Time" which was live streamed on the official Facebook page of CAC Vineyard of Mercy.

The Cleric stressed that it is alarming to him that people are not taking it serious as part of end time prophecies, noting that they see it as a crisis that will come and go.

"Even when it goes, it has already fulfilled part of the end time prophecies and that means we should be expecting the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. What God wants from us is repentance but if you chose to continue to do wrong there will be a reward for you. What the world is facing right now apart from being a prophecy, is a reward of wrong things some people are doing," he stated.

Pastor Anu Ojo stated that anyone who choses to be doing wrong thing should continue and anyone who chose to be holy should continue, Jesus Christ is coming back to give reward to everyone.

He added that "the signs we are seeing these days should not be strange to us. What will be strange to me is when you are not prepared. The signs we are seeing these days should not be strange to the church or those who meditate on the word of God."

He noted that the command now is for everyone to move from unrighteousness to righteousness and holiness of our Lord Jesus Christ who is coming back very soon.


  1. Thant's just a pure gospel truth about the end time, may God open our understanding to know more of him and his second coming. Halleluyah!!!

  2. This message hit the nail on the head.glory||| it should please go viral through all our cac members.

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