Pastor Akinosun is a gift from God- Pastor Samuel Ojo

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The District Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Aanu District, Lagos, Pastor Samuel Ojo has said God has given Pastor Akinosun Olukunle Akinosun the gift of disseminating the word of God in a way and manner that people will understand.

In a exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Ojo who worked closely with Pastor Akinosun when he (Pastor Akinosun) was the District Superintendent of Itire District said:“Pastor Akinosun preached so many sermons that were spirit-filled but I can remember when he preached on a particular day in 1993 that we should endeavour not to be stingy. He said stinginess is of three types. He said some people are stingy to themselves, the second one is those who are stingy to people, and the person that is stingy to God, himself and everybody. He gave us an example of a particular Elder who always travelled whenever it is time to do any work in church, particular building project. He told us it was later clear to people that the Elder was never useful to God he was just an Elder. When the Elder died people were saying the work he ought to do for God he didn’t do it. He didn’t partake actively in the building of the church and because of that Baba said the gate of heaven was shut against him. Pastor Akinosun said during the sermon that anyone who is stingy is not really harming people, but himself. In the process of being stingy to people, he won’t even enjoy himself and if he didn’t enjoy himself, those who are in his surrounding will never enjoy him.

"Pastor Akinosun urged us not to be stingy to the work of God and people. He noted that whoever we have the grace to help, we should help them. The sermon teaches us that we should be useful for the work of God and whatever is in our capacity to do for God or people, we should do it. This message really transformed me to determine that whatever is in my power to do for God and people I will do it. I also decided that I will never disturb anybody to work for God, but I will just encourage people to work for God because there is great gain in it."

"Baba always starts his message in a calm way. He always preaches gently. There was a day he preached at Sunday School Rally in Ikeji about ‘Management of Time.” He taught us how to prioritise time and how to know what to do at any given time. As he was preaching the message, people didn’t want him to stop. They wanted him to keep talking. He made us to know that there is time to rest, there is time to pray, there is time to read the scripture and do our work. He said the amount of time we use to do God’s work is not up to the time we use to do our personal work. He said even if we are using two hours in church on daily basis, there is still big margin left. Meanwhile, people don’t go to church everyday.
Baba Akinosun also said if God can work for six days and rest on the seventh day, He is teaching us to rest. Everybody under the teaching of Baba on that day was carried away. God has given Baba the gift of disseminating the word of God in a way and manner that people will understand.”

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