"Infilling and Refilling by the Holy Spirit" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

TEXT: JOHN 20:22, ACTS 2:1-4

The topic will be studied with the following

➢ Introduction
➢ Foreword
➢ Responsibility
➢ Conclusion


Every minister of the gospel like other individuals in all fields of endeavour should ordinarily have mentors (mentors are fathers, there is nothing we hope to do/be that is not already a reality in someone’s life, right fathers/mentors provide: feathers for flight, light for speed.)Just like Paul mentored Timothy among many other biblical examples.1 Cor. 11:1
Howbeit Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and Him only is our perfect role model both in life and ministry Heb. 12:2.Jesus was God in flesh, even with this clear, unquestionable, incomparable and no rivalry edge He had to be filled with the Holy Spirit without measure for obvious ministerial fulfilment John 3:34. 

The foregoing underscores the need for us to be filled and refilled, this understanding however will create in us a thirst/drive/desire for this all important Heaven’s deposit in earthly vessels to bring to reality Heaven’s mandate on each of us even to optimal level. So we keep asking and receiving till our joy is full John 16:24, Matt. 7:7-8.


➢ The apostles didn’t receive the Holy Spirit once, they had several encounter John 20:22,Acts 2:2 ( although all the encounters with the holy spirit may not be plainly  written/recoded this cannot downplay the virtues received even during their work and walk with Him, the only one who had and did exude the Spirit without measure which why it is said that your association affects your destination asides those plainly recorded)

➢ You can’t survive Christianity/Ministry and reach the pinnacle of your assignment as designated without being connected to a spiritual power. Else one of the inexcusable reasons people become fetish, they suddenly see the need for a power beyond humans’ and wrongly go to a wrong source. (Nobody uses the devil's property without consequences which far outweighs what it promises).



➢ He made us, knows our composition, capacity and limitation Ps 100:3,Gen 1:26ff

➢ He made the promise of a comforter Acts 1:4,Luke 24:49,John 14:16,Joel 2:28

➢ The promise was fulfilled Num. 23:19,Acts 2:2

➢ It is available to all (you and I and everyone else that desires) Act 10:44-46, 19:1-6.


➢ Be born again John 3:7,Acts 2:38

➢ Be desirous Matt 5:6,John 7:37

➢ Believe the baptism Heb.11:6

➢ Identify God as the never failing baptiser

➢ Ask Him for the baptism Matt 7:7

God is never bereft of moves/greatness even in spite of the odds, no matter the situation, time, testaments or other calibrations of men. He however uses usable, available, yielded vessels which He empowers.
In the Old Testament, He places His spirit on vessels just for the duration of a task this leaves afterwards Num. 11:25-29, 24:2, Judges 3:10, in this testament of ours, He places His spirit in vessels Romans 6:10-11, 8:11, Titus3:5, 1 Cor. 3:16. Are we ready for filling and refilling for exploits that will bring Glory to His name. Receive the baptism in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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