CAC North America, Latunde Region holds Youth Leaders' Winter Summit

By Pastor Bola Omotade (North America)

Christ Apostolic Church North America (Latunde Region) Youth and Young Adult Ministry held a programme for her leaders tagged "Leaders' Winter Summit" on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November, 2019

The event was graciously hosted by CAC First In The Americas –Headquarters; which is the church of The North America Youth Director, Pastor Adekunmi Browne. The theme of the Summit was “Discipleship.”

There were over 80 youth leaders who attended, including representation from Canada, California and North Carolina, who made a huge sacrifice to be there. The Summits have served as a great tool to share ideas, develop strategic plans for the future, as well as get encouragement.

A wide variety of activities and presentations made this Summit a great success.The first day of the Summit included an excellent presentation and discussion on the importance of maintaining integrity as a leader.

There was also a very powerful and relevant presentation by the Medical team on understanding and dealing with mental health issues. The Summit truly highlighted the importance of discipleship for the growth of the church, and one presentation did a deep dive into how to increase followers in the 21st Century.

The second day of the Summit was equally blessed as participants received a warm welcome from the Superintendent of First In the Americas DCC, Pastor (Dr) Gbenga Famojuro.

Pastor Famojuro expressed his great appreciation for the wonderful job that the youth and young adults were doing, and he encouraged the leaders to keep up the good work.

The CACNA Youth & Young Adult Ministry is blessed to have a Strategic Insight team who shared some pertinent information relating to evangelism.

Pastor (Dr.) George Ude gave some encouraging words about being a good example, so the youth and young adults can follow the leaders, as the leaders are following Christ.

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