"An Army in the Dry Bones" by Evang. Gbenga Aluko


This topic will be studied with the following sub headings:

• Introduction
• Background to the study
• What dry bones depicts
• How an army can emerge from dry bones
• Prayer


There is a need to underscore that contributing one’s best in the pursuit or en-route destiny fulfilment is sacrosanct, any message/messenger that states that at /after salvation God fully takes over one’s body, soul and spirit making the person totally idle and irresponsible is scam and should be discarded immediately and ultimately. Even in a vision prophet Ezekiel spoke albeit as aided, guided and commanded. May God help us all in Jesus mighty name.

The referenced portion of the scripture is a vision with which God sent a clear message of hope and restoration to the people of Israel. At the time of the vision, the Israelites were in exile, scattered among nations and deeply discouraged. He assured them that irrespective of their location, situation or opinion they would be re-established in their own land. 

What does dry bone depict  

Total hopelessness: vs. 11 a critical/physical analysis of some situations from the very dry bones in our text till some life experiences today depicts a no hope case. A similar case is recorded in Luke 8:41-49, Jairus and his people came to Jesus to come and heal his sick daughter but verse 49 states they lost hope due to her death, to them Jesus can only heal the sick not raise the dead.

Impossibility: vs. 2-3, the prophet was very sincere in his response to the divine question can this bone become living being again? You alone knows the answer. God was not referring to dead human, not even skeleton but disjointed very dry bones scattered abroad in a valley. A clearly dead end case, but our God specialises in impossibilities. Jer.32:27, Luke 1:37.

How can army emerge from the valley of dry bone

• Spirit of God: empowering and directing, it can only be by His spirit vs. 4-6
• Obedience: vs.7, to God and Godly advice/directive Is. 1:19.
• Prayer: vs. 7 what the prophet spoke in this verse can typify a heartfelt prayer James 5:16, 1Chro.4:9-10, prayer can change any situation in line with God’s plan, purpose and will.
• Faith: vs.4-6 was God’s way of building faith in him, God had to reiterate what he can and more accurately what he has planned to do. When God speaks no matter how it sounds or looks: incompatible, impossible or illogical to human mind those who know Him don’t doubt Him. Luke 5:5, Ez. 37:10.


Pray like this, father I receive grace to manifest all your blueprint and intention over my life, family, career and ministry, the army in my dry bone is released unto glory now by fire in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

….For we know in part…….
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