Interview:My dream is to become world-class keyboardist - Eight-year-old keyboardist

Christ Apostolic Church is blessed with talented children. One of such is this eight-year-old keyboardist, Salem Olufemi, who attends CAC Gloryland, Lagos. In this interview with CAC NEWS at the recently concluded 2019 Music Ministers’ Conference where he thrilled the congregation with his prowess, Salem Olufemi speaks on how he started his career as a keyboardist and other interesting issues. 

What is your name?

I am Salem Oluwafemi.

How old are you?

I am eight years old.

What class are you?

I am in Primary three, going to primary four.

What really inspired you to learn how to play keyboard?

It was my Dad that inspired me. My Dad used to play music for me whenever I was crying when I was younger. He always wants me to listen to orchestral music. He used to record whenever someone is playing keyboard and play it for me to listen.

What year did you start learning keyboard?

I started learning keyboard when I was five years old.

When did you start playing professionally?

I started playing professionally six weeks after I started learning it.

Who taught you how to play keyboard?

It is Mr. Michael Bakare. He is the head of Music Department at Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary, Lagos Campus.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Mr. Michael Bakare. My dream is to become world class and renowned keyboardist.

What has been the contribution of your parents?

My parents have always been encouraging me through their words of encouragement. They always tell me that I should not be afraid, but have confidence in myself.

How did you feel while playing keyboard in the presence of prominent people in CAC Worldwide, including the General Secretary of the church, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur, the Music Director, Pastor Tope Dada and others at the Music Ministers’ Conference?

I was feeling awesome.

Academically what is your future endeavour?

I wish to go to higher institution to study music and become musicologist like Pastor (Prof.) Femi Adedeji.


  1. God almighty will guide and see you through in fulfilling your dreams. Keep it up.

  2. God almighty will make your dream come true

  3. This can only be God, playing G.F. Handel's sinfonia (Overture) with dexterity at such a young age, @ the just concluded Music Ministers' conference 2019. May God's grace & favour never depart from your life in Jesus name (Amen)

  4. You delivered this excellently·

    May your dreams come true speedily

  5. I watched you live at the 2019 CAC Music Ministers Conference. You go higher in Jesus name. Amen

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