63 graduated, as CAC Theological Seminary Ede Women Campus holds 34th Convocation Ceremony

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A total number of 63 students graduated as Christ Apostolic Church Theological Seminary (CACTS), Ede Women Campus held her 34th Convocation Ceremony on Saturday August 17, 2019.

Out of the 63 graduands, 43 graduated from Certificate Programme, while 20 graduated from Diploma programme.

The graduation ceremony which was held at Ede DCC headquarters in Ede, Osun State had in attendance the General Superintendent, CAC Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele, Chairman, Governing Council, CACTS, Pastor E.S. Famuyide, Provost, CACTS, Pastor Stephen O.A. Afolabi and Registrar, CACTS, Pastor T.A. Adesoji. Also in attendance were Chairperson, CACTS (Women Campus) Ede, Management Committee, Prophetess D.O. Afolabi, Coordinator, CACTS Women Campus, Ede, L/Evang. E.O. Kariola and Prophetess E.S. Ogunlade, among others.

While preaching at the programme on the topic "The Axe Head Fell into the Water," the General Superintendent of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Oladele urged the graduands to desire the presence of God in their lives and ministerial journey, saying that they should not go ahead of God.

He noted that fund raising, programmes and church building are more important to ministers of this generation rather than the presence of God.

However, he said that those things are good for the ministry, but the presence of God must be the predominance.

Pastor Oladele further urged the new graduands not to be a bosses but  leaders stating that a boss says "go", while a leader says " let us go."

The Cleric also said that "Some ministers' axe head had fallen into the water and they have substituted it with programmes, fund raising, events, church planting etc. One of the ways you can grieve the Holy Spirit as a minister is to think you can do the work of the ministry alone without His consent."

The General Superintendent urged the graduands to be ready to work at any station, adding that "I remember a message of our President, Pastor A.O. Akinosun sometimes in 1982, he said that we should be ready to go to anywhere God takes us to work either in the palace or in the dungeon." I am always disappointed in some people coming to us that they should be transferred to a  better place. Where is the better place? For me a better place is a place Holy Spirit leads you. One of our Teachers those days in school told us that to be in the Master's (God) will is better than success."

The Chairman, CAC Theological Seminary Governing Council, Pastor E.S. Famiyide urged the graduands not to pass through the institution alone, but allow the institution to pass through them.

Pastor Famuyide further implored the graduands to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, saying that they should preach the gospel without adulteration or sentiment.

The Cleric also advised the graduands to pray like the Apostles of old and like CAC founding fathers.

He added that they should be innovative, should not follow unnecessary tradition that are baseless in the scripture, adding that they should be family-oriented Ministers, and be heavenly focused.

The Provost of CACTS, Pastor Afoloabi in his speech said the graduands have succeeded in joining the fortunate ones in the  world of intellectuals.

He implored them not to start to feel that they are fulfilled, urging them to forge ahead to update themselves in order not to be outdated.

The Coordinator, CACTS Women Campus, Ede, L/Evang. Kariola advised the students to present themselves as children of God and good representatives of this school.

"Love the flocks of the Lord and humble yourself before God in all situation and everywhere. Be part of the Alumni of this institution and endeavour to come to the Annual Refresher Course which normally comes up every 2nd week in February of every year," Lady Evang. Kariola stated.

The Campus during the convocation ceremony commissioned a Generator Set and mini mart. It was commissioned by the General Superintendent, Pastor Oladele.

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