Irrespective of your position in church, if you dwell in sin you are of the devil- Prof. 'Femi Adedeji

By 'Ogunsola Glory (JABU)

A Theologian and Professor of Music at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Prof. 'Femi Adedeji has said that anyone who dwells in sin, irrespective of the position the person belongs in the church, he or she is of the devil.

In his exact word, Prof. Adedeji is an ordained Pastor in Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, stated that: "the Bible says anyone that dwells in sin, whether Pastor or Prophet, Church worker or ordinary member; belongs to the devil (I Jn 3: 8). Whatever position you are in the Church, if you dwell in sin, you are of the devil! Do not be deceived by any respected minister of God you know that dwells in sin of any kind; he/she may be a great miracle worker, once he/she practices sin of any form, he/she is of the devil!"

He noted this while ministering on the topic "Overcoming Besetting Sins" on Wednesday July 18th, 2019 at the ongoing Academic Summit organized by the Youth Fellowship of CAC Worldwide.

The Cleric defined besetting sin as a category of sin; one or more sin(s) that may be common with any of anybody, saying that The Psalmist calls it presumptuous sin (Ps 19: 13).

He further said it may be temperamental, hereditary, natural, demonic, addictive, environmental or curse induced, adding that besetting sins among others may include fornication and adultery, masturbation, gambling, smoking, alcoholic drink, hard drug, evil thoughts, pride, lying, unforgiveness, malice, idleness or laziness, worldly pleasure, pornography and inordinate affection among others.

"The doctrine of the Libertines which had its root from hell, seems to have been adopted by many avant-garde Churches today; holding that Christians must continue to sin so as not to waste the blood of Jesus that was shed, and if we do not sin, Jesus would have no work to do at the right hand of the father where he purposely sits to advocate for us. This is actually one of the doctrines of demons that Paul talked about (I Tim 4: 1). I should remind us that when Christ Apostolic Church started, its members were called what we today, derogatorily refer to as S.U. – ‘Awon ojiya Tabanako’. Then, when the members applied for public or private service employment, they were always given automatic appointment without interview, because of their holiness, truthfulness and righteousness; unlike today. The issue of overcoming besetting sins for our youths has become critical, more so that most of our Pastors and Prophets are now sin peddlers and satanic agents; spreading sins and infecting the innocents with this most deadly virus," he stated.

Prof. Adedeji said that anyone who want to overcome besetting sins need genuine regeneration, separation, the blood of Jesus, the Bible, Holy Spirit, prayer, must fight against sin, flee, be watchful, have self denial and may possibly go for deliverance.

He concluded by saying that"having gone through the path to victory over besetting sins, we need to see besetting sins as enemies of our souls and killers of our destinies. We need to have holy hatred against them and engage all resources and weapons that God has provided in fighting them."

"One of the problems today is the fact that multitudes are living in besetting sins though they claim to be Christians. Therefore, there is the temptation to join them in order not to be the odd ones out,  more so that there are ‘sugarcoated mouth’ Preachers and Pastors that teach hellish doctrines."

"Run away from such; be ready to be the odd person among the world. If you are genuinely born again, the difference must be clear! The Bible already commanded us not to follow
multitude to sin (Ex 23: 2). We need to have faith that we can overcome besetting sins, including sexual temptations."

"As youths, you are the strengths and future of CAC. Without overcoming besetting sins that entangle us daily, the Church would not be able to fulfil the mandate of God for the end-time Revival. God is no respecter of persons! If youdoubt it, hear His word by Prophet Jeremiah: ‘And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them’ (Jer 18: 9-10)."

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