INTERVIEW: Ministry is not about money or fame, but fulfilling God's purpose - Pastor Omoh

Pastor Famous Bamidele Omoh

Pastor Famous Bamidele Omoh who will celebrate his 40th birthday and 22 years in the ministry on Sunday May 26, 2019 is the Curate Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Mercyland District headquarters, Akute Ogun State. In this interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Omoh speaks on his journey into the ministry, his own perspective of the ministry and other interesting issues. EXCERPTS! 

Tell us about where and when you were born

I was born on 26th May 1979 at Dopemu Agege, Lagos.

Tell us shortly about your journey into the ministry

I joined CAC in 1982 with my Mother. I entered into the ministry in 1997 precisely 22nd May 1997. I had already known about God's calling for my life in 1987 when I was 8 years old. It was not fashionable going to the seminary back then when your colleagues were admitted into secular universities. I dropped the dream of becoming an Electrical/Electronics Engineer. I was mocked by colleagues and friends. I was called N.F.A (No Future Ambition). I was not coerced  by anyone, I genuinely answered God's call for my life and I have never regretted. Thank God for Pastor John Tunde Awe who guided me aright.

Which theological seminary did you attend and when were you ordained as a Pastor?

I attended L.I.F.E Theological Seminary Ikorodu and I bagged
B.Th in Biblical and Pastoral Studies (2000-2004) and M.Th in Biblical Studies (2016-2017). I was ordained in 2005.

Who are the ministers that have mentored you in the ministry?

Pastor John Tunde Awe, a District Superintendent in CAC is one of them. I was under his tutelage for solid 15 years (1985-2000) before I went for my B.Th in Biblical and Pastoral Studies. We are still in touch, the relationship is cordial. He wrote the foreword of my book entitled "THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST." An Expository Study of 2 Corinthians 5:16-17.

Evang J.A Adelakun, President, Ayewa International Gospel Music Ministry (a.k.a Ayewa International). We have been together for 16 years. I have been serving as a Pastor under him for the past 13 years. He recommended me for ordination in 2004. I was ordained in February 2005. He is the District Superintendent of CAC Mercyland District Akute. I am his Curate and the District Secretary. He is indeed a father in all ramifications.

How can you described yourself @40?

I am a product of grace. I am a divine project in God's hand. Considering the things I went through in life and ministry, I can boldly say that I have found favour in the sight of God. Nevertheless, I am still pressing towards the mark set before me.

Having spent 22 years in the ministry, what is your own definition of ministry?

Fulfilling the purpose of God for calling you (why you were called in the first place, having in mind that you are not better than others who are not called) and service unto humanity (selfless and sacrificial service).

Is ministry about money, fame or wealth?

No, ministry is not about money, fame or wealth. Ministry is about serving and fulfilling the will of God like David in Acts 13:36. Ministry is about being passionate about the Gospel of Christ. Demonstrating the love of Christ in rescuing the lost souls. It is not about the razzmatazz we are currently experiencing.

Where do you think ministers of these days are missing it?

Ministers of these days are missing it in their crave for materialism, comparison, moving ahead of God's timing for your life and carnality. Two of my quotable quotes reads: "Do not live to impress others, but live to fulfil God's purpose for your life" and "each time you get depressed by comparing other people's achievements,you are limiting God's power in your life."

How can one discover his or her ministry?

To discover your ministry or purpose in life you must discover God. I dropped the dream of becoming an Electrical Engineer to pursue the will of God for my life.

What is your message to those who have missed it in the ministry?

My message to them is that they should retrace their steps to God immediately by shunning all forms of distractions and spend quality time in God's  presence. They should bury their ego, fame, e.t.c and turn to God completely.


  1. Awesome! God bless your new age with exceeding grace, our amiable Pastor F.B. Omoh. Congratulations sir

  2. The package is quite revealing and highly thoughtful of you to have read interestingly, how you obediently listened to the voice from the above.The wise decision to have abandoned the initial dream of becoming an electronic Engineerand allowing it to occupy a back seat while according the divine calling a priority attention as a viable alternative is most inspiring and exemplary in Christendom. Here lies the difference between those who are truly called and those motivated purely by pecuniary considerations. No wonder the apostle-like zeal working for Christ, is evidently demonstrated practically in the ministry. I'm not having any doubt in my mind that the height the almighty Caller is taking you to,
    is not in anyway near what people are presently seeing in you.Through the grace of almighty God,the vision, before long shall be made manifest to the admiration of all, through the power of holy spirit. So shall it be in Jesus mighty name. Congratulations.

  3. The above comment tagged "unknown" is from Elder Odun Anjorin of Christ Apostolic church, mercyland Akute.

  4. Sky is not your limit but your beginning sir. More anointing my dearest Mentor.

  5. You are blessed beyond measures in all ramifications Sir, God's grace will never elude you.

  6. Thanks for you prayers. I appreciate you all.

  7. May the grace of God continue to sustain you sir, if all God ministers take themselves as instruments in God's hand the followers will not be misled.

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