Eroding God's Honour? by Evang. Afolabi Ayomide

Read: Malachi 1:6-8

For your prayer to be a sweet savour before the Almighty God, you must be prepared not only to praise Him but also to honour His Name. You cannot truly claim to belong to God without reverencing or honouring His Name. This is why the Lord posed this crucial question to us in Malachi 1:6 :

“A son honoureth his father and a servant his master: if then I be a Father, where is mine honour? and if be a master, where is my Fear? Saith the LORD of hosts unto you, o priest, that despise my name. And ye say, wherein have we despised thy name?”

If you look at the types of relationships referenced in the above Scripture passage, you will agree with me that the lower member of each relationship owes a type of honour to the higher member. A son owes his father a high degree of honour and respect borne out of love. Also, a servant owes his master some degree of fear, honour and regard, as the master is the source of the servant’s livelihood. As a result of those, a father can demand honour of his son, just as a master can demand honour of his servant. However, when it comes to our relationship with God, many people who claim to be God’s children, prefer to relate with God without giving Him the honour due to His Name. Unsurprisingly, this is unacceptable to the One to whom all honour is due.

Today, the Lord is asking, “where is honour?” in other words, there are many honour-thieves in the Christian fold. Are you an honour-thief? If you call on God’s Name without giving it the high regard it deservers, you are an honour-thief. If you fail the materials test, by offering to God a detective gift or a gift that does not befit His status as the King of kings, nor reflect the level of His blessings on your life, you are an honour-thief. If you treat His assignments or handle His work with anything less than the honour due to Him, you are an honour-thief. If your lifestyle makes people look down on your God, you are an honour-thief. If you offer torn currency notes to God, when you know you cannot even use such to pay for things, you are an honour-thief. Do you honour the Lord in all you do?

Conclusion: Carefully come up with 5-10 ways of honouring God. Go ahead and implement them.

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