Being God's battle axe, a necessity for every Christian- Pastor Oludare

The DCC Superintendent of CAC Yaba DCC, Pastor S.E.A. Oludare

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor S.E.A. Oludare has stated that being God's battle axe is a necessity for every Christian.

He also noted that the church is in serious trouble today because men no longer want to patiently wait for tutelage or preparation, saying that everyone wants to become an Overseer (G.O) overnight so they go to any length to get power.

Pastor Oludare stated this while ministering on the topic "God's Battle Axe" on Tuesday April 5, 2019 at the "2019 National Leadership Retreat" organized by CAC Worldwide Youth department for regional youth leaders.

The  Cleric said that just like an axe, every God's battle axe must pass through fire, hammered, and shapened and sharpened.

" For any metal to be cleansed it must pass through fire. The heat of the fire will get to a melting point of about 1500/2000 degree of heat. Red hot fire. This is not a pleasant situation at all. It is meant to bend us, shape us, clean us, melt us and flatten us.
It could be in form of trials, temptations, poverty, lack or hardship. Job did not know why he was passing through all he went through, likewise, we too may not even know why we pass through fire but it is to make us come out as a useful battle axe in the hands of God. To become a battle axe is not a mater of milk and honey."

"A battle axe will have to undergo some harmmering from the Lord in order to get into the normal and needed shape. The harmer of the Lord is for discipline. This is what seem to be lacking in our churches especially among our youths which has made things worse in many churches."

"After going through fire and harmer, the final stage is the shapping and sharpening. This is another hot session. This is another fire sparking session. This is when our dull edges are made sharp and shining. This is made possible by the word of God.
How much of the word of God do you consume? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? To become a battle axe in God’s hands you must  be filled with the Holy Spirit and the word of God.The world is a battle field and it is covered with darkness so God needs battle axes full of fire to fight and ignite fire," Pastor Oludare said.

He advised God's battle axe to always be anointed, avoid sin of any form, avoid addiction to food and sleep, avoid inordinate love for the opposite sex and avoid love of money.

He further stated that; "God  has called us to be his battle axes in order to break into pieces, destroy the kingdom of darkness, destroy demonic agents and destroy Satanic principles and practices.
Babalola and other founding fathers have done their best, yet there are lands to be possessed. Pastors Okafo, Anu Ojo, Joe Jacobs have tried their best in the CACYOF yet Pastor Gbuyiro has more lands to possess. Even you in your Assembly, Districts, Zones and DCCs have more battle to fight and win."

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