Any war against the truth, godliness is war against God- Pastor Aluko

Director of Sunday School, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor S.O. Aluko.

By “Gbenga Bankole

“Any war against the truth and godliness is against God and the result is decided in advance – defeat for those involved. That God ever allows (allowed) war against himself (his church and the truth) is to permit the limited and unwise man to show his rebellion and disobedience. Why? No one can fight (or has fought) against his creator and prospered. The results of such wars are decided in advance and God has always chosen the battle axe to execute such projects,” said the Director of Sunday School, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor S.O. Aluko.

Pastor Aluko stated this on Wednesday March 6, 2019 while ministering on the topic “Holy Spirit; Prerequisite for God’s Battle Axes” at the “2019 National Leadership Retreat” organized by CACYOF National held in Ibadan Oyo state.

Citing 2Chr. 13:12 and Psalm 6:7, 1, the Cleric said that God is known as the lord of hosts and it is unthinkable that God the creator would lose a battle.

“Losing a battle against who or what? Yes, He has never personally come down physically to fight his battles, most of the time, He uses men who have been created in his image and likeness and who have been recreated by his word and Holy Ghost. Yes, battles against God and godliness continue, who are his battle axes? This is the challenge in this great gathering. God has used various persons and objects as his battle axes in the past. Wars continue till Jesus Christ comes back when rebels and rebellions activities would be permanently crusted,” he noted.

Pastor Aluko further noted that whenever any nation, family, individual, organization chooses to fight against God, they should be told that they have lost the battle before it commences.

According to him, the battles for the believers in the contemporary world are internal and external, stating that the internal battles are arrogance, politicking in the church, God fatherism, family disintegration (divorce, polygamy, infidelity), another gospel which is no gospel, abandonment of God-given heritage, no time for divine things (shallowness) and the desire for independent ministry.

He said the external battles are idolatry, cultism, corruption, mad desire for riches/money, misplacement of priorities and submission to questionable God-fathers among others.

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