Leaders of unsoiled testimonies can never be forgotten in history- Pastor Joe Jacobs

By "Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Amuwo Odofin Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Festac Lagos, Pastor Joe Jacobs has said that character will reveal true identity of every leader and leaders of unsoiled testimonies can never be forgotten in history.

Pastor Joe Jacobs stated this on Wednesday March 6, 2019 while ministering on the topic “Contemporary Challenges of God’s Battle Axe in Youth Ministry” at the “2019 National Leadership Retreat” organized by CACYOF National.

He also noted that the battle axe in youth ministry is the description of all categories of Christian leaders charged with influencing both the up-coming and current generations of our world.

According to him, every ready battle axe of the Lord in the youth ministry must have courage, diligence and discretion.

Pastor Joe Jacobs said that every battle is with a threat and whenever a courageous leader appears in the war front, he revives hope in other soldiers, adding that his speech is a motivation and his actions will push others forward.

“Courage is a quality, which is needed in every leader God will use in a special way. Apart from enemy will exhaust every means possible to thwart and undermine such a godly and elitist move.  He will stoop to any tactics and boldly and rudely oppose when he considers it timely.  The leader will be pushed around, snowed completely under, and eventually driven clear off the scene of action if he lacks the courage to stand out against the enemy.  The opposition sometimes will come through carnal members of the Fellowship.  Error will try its hand at pressing in upon his army.  As little David arose in righteous anger to destroy the lion and the bear that threatened the lambs of his fold, so the leader must be strong to resist the devil and stand in defense of his followers,” he stated.

The Cleric stressed that no one should think that the life of a leader is a life of ease and it could be possible that some leaders themselves have this conception of their position. 

The former Youth Officer said all youth leaders should note that: “all contacts with the opposite sex must be guarded most jealously.  It is good to be a gentleman on all occasions but not to the destruction of your nazarite vows. Remember Samson in Judges 16. Keep all financial records clean at all times to bail you out when anti-financial breakthrough agents shall rise. Financial transparency, prudence and accountability are great counsels.”

“Delegate assignments to the best and competent hands without any prejudice. Stay away from tribalism. It destroys good results. Be truly success-driven. Embrace integrity. There should be a cleanliness of mind and speech as well as that of the body.   Be excellent in courtesy. The timely use of “please”, “sorry” and “thank you” should never be missing. Be a sacrificial giver. Giving is living. A giver will never finally lack.”
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