CACYOF Mowe Zone holds glorious praise fiesta

Sunday 16th of December 2018 will be a day never to be forgotten easily either by the attendants and the organizers of this glamorous programme as the people of God especially the youth from all and sundry trooped in to celebrate and praise God for His unending mercy and loving kindness throughout the year.

The programme which was organized by the CACYOF Mowe Zonal department was the first of its kind since the church metamorphosed from district to Zone this year and it was well attended by all the youths in the districts, zone and all lovers of God.

The Yuletide programme which was held at the Mowe Zonal Headquarters saw dignitaries ranging from the CAN Chairman of Mowe Area in person of Pastor M.A.O Ajetunmobi( J.P) who also doubled as the Mowe Zonal Superintendent, the Mowe Zonal Secretary Pastor S.O Awofodu and the District Superintendent of Loburo District Pastor Abioye, Mowe Zonal CACYOF coordinator Pastor I.O Okediran, all the Mowe Zonal authorities, Ministers, Ministers wives, Youth, CACMA and Good women in attendance.

In his address, the Mowe Zonal Superintendent Pastor M.A.O Ajetunmobi (J.P) express his joy and was delighted and impressed seeing the marmot turn out of the youth towards the programme and he also promise to always throw his weight behind the Youth department whenever the need arises concluding that they are the glory and the future of the church.

He further stressed that next year edition of this programme will be more colourful well publicised than this.

This 'All -white Attire' Get together and praise gathering has been fully endorsed by the Mowe Zonal Authority to always come as the Mowe Zonal CACYOF department will be ending each year.

As colourful as the programme went starting from praise, worship, special rendition to prayer sessions, all the youths in attendance will continue to bask in the euphoria till the year ends. Kudos the Mowe Zonal CACYOF Boss Pastor I.O Okediran and his relentless team for the success of this programme. Special thanks to Bro Toba Ajetunmobi for his efforts towards this programme too. On behalf of Mowe Zonal CACYOF department we want to everyone merry Christmas and Happy new year in Advance.

Photo speaks!

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