Presence of Jesus in your marriage is not an absence of challenges- CAC Youth Officer

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has described challenges as treasurers which will bring testimonies, telling couples that the presence of Jesus Christ in their marriages is not the absence of challenges.

He also said that the fact that Jesus is in a marriage does not mean that the couple should not plan for their home and future.

Pastor Gbuyiro who noted this recently while ministering on the theme “Jesus in Marriage” at CAC Oke Imole, Ibadan said that Jesus was at Cana in Galilee wedding but wine finished.

He however said that with Jesus in any marriage, though there may be challenges, solution is guaranteed. 

The cleric noted that challenges may lead to destruction in a marriage where Jesus Christ is not present, stating that Jesus is the solution every couple must have.

“We have a lot of misconceptions about the place of Jesus in marriage. We believe that if Jesus is in our marriage we should not face challenges which is not true. God gives us the Holy Spirit because He knows we have limitations as humans. We can’t be adequate in all our ways and that is why He gives Holy Spirit in order for the Spirit to step in when our strength can no longer suffice us. By nature, we all have limitations. In our marriage and other aspects of life we have limitations. The fact that Jesus is in your marriage does not mean you should not plan for your life and home. It is generally believed that an average human being has common sense. However, as Christians what we have is sanctified sense. Husband and wife through their sanctified sense must properly plan their family. As a man, the fact that God made you the head does not mean your wife is irresponsible. The wife has her roles to play,” Pastor Gbuyiro said.

The Youth Officer also stressed that there must be emptiness in any marriage where Jesus Christ will dwell, explaining that the marriage must be empty of greed, unforgiveness, aldultery etc.

According to him, there must be total obedience to God’s word in any marriage Jesus will dwell.
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