Preachers should stop advertising goods not in God's supermarket- CAC General Superintendent

Pastor S.O. Oladele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Bible didn't establish it that the world will get better. Preachers should stop advertising goods not in God's supermarket by telling us the world will get better, Christ Apostolic Church General Superintendent, Pastor S.O. Oladele, has said.

Pastor Oladele said this while ministering on the theme "What are we waiting for?" at the recently held CAC Centenary Revival and Celebration at Liberty Stadium, Ibadan.

He further stated that some preachers have said the world will get better which is against what the Bible says, adding that all the programmes put together by world bodies cannot solve the problems of the world.

The world, according to the Cleric is running not according to the prediction of the world economists, but according to God's prediction.

While emphasising on the theme of the message, Pastor Oladele said "the Bible is full of waiters. The Apostles waited for 10 days before they were empowered. We are waiting for the son of God from Heaven. We live in a jet age and the spirit of this age has affected and entered the church. As we celebrate 100 years of CAC Worldwide, we need to re-evaluate our stand in the Lord. The church of God must but be in the world, but the most tragic thing is for the world to enter the church.


  1. The message was spirit filled. I could sense it on that special day. More of God's anointing, spirit, wisdom, grace, power upon our Father in the Lord Pastor Oladele, God used to convey His message to the audience..

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