INTERVIEW! Nigerians should expect power change in 2019 elections- Prophet Igbalajobi

Prophet Timothy O. Igbalajobi

As Christ Apostolic Church worldwide expects the manifestation of the long prophesied promise of end time revival, there are Ministers God has ordained to be His instruments for the revival. One of such is the Minister in charge of CAC Palace of Light and Salvation, Prophet Timothy Olatubosun Igbalajobi.

In this interview with CAC NEWS, Prophet Igbalajobi speaks about his sojourn into the ministry and what God told him about 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

Tell us briefly about your journey into the ministry

By the grace of God, I received the call of God upon my life fully in 2006 when I went to theological seminary. After my sojourn at the seminary for three years, I proceeded to start serving under God’s people. I served under them from 2009 to 2016. In 2017 God told me I should round off my services. In January 2018 God spoke to me that I should go and start a church which we have started by the grace of God. Though, Christ Apostolic Church Palace of Light and Salvation is about six months old now by the grace of God, God is working mightily in our midst.

I learnt that you were a former Police Officer. Can you tell us briefly about that?

When I got the form of Nigeria Police Force, my parents were aware of it. I got it because I have an uncle who was a Police officer. By the grace of God I was enlisted into the Nigeria Police. I had a very short, but impactful period in the Nigeria Police Force. I left at a time I should be enjoying the force.

Former President of CAC Worldwide, Pastor J.D. Obafemi anointing Prophet Igbalajobi

You said during one of your ministrations that God used Prophet Obadare to raise you from death after four days. Kindly tell about it

It was a wonderful one. I was born into a polygamous home which is a hostile environment for any glorious child to get himself developed or fulfill purpose in life. At the early stage of my life my parents got divorced and for that reason I have never stayed under the same roof with my father since I was born. I started the journey of my life living with my grandmother somewhere in Ondo state called “Igbo-Eledumare.”

One day I was playing under what is called “canter” then which kids used to play. I was there without the notice of anybody. I gave up the ghost there. It was a passerby who saw me that told my grandmother  “your grandson is there. I called him he didn’t answer me and I think he has been electrocuted.” My grandmother and everybody rushed down to the place. I was dead and there was no vehicle to convey my corpse. But I thank God because he used the one who prophesied my birth, which is Prophet Timothy Obadare to bring me back to life.

My coffin met him one way or the other and he prophesied, and the boy who was dead for four days was brought back to life. It was indeed a mighty one. My life has been a complete miracle of God. From my birth till now, it has been a wonderful one.

Prophet Igbalajobi with the General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji

Tell us about your forthcoming programme in December

By the grace of God we always have a programme on Apostle Babalola's first ever mountain in Efon-Alaye. The programme is holding from 17th to 21st December, 2018. We will be having the General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji ministering by God’s grace. We will be having Prophet Moses Kasali also ministering. We will be having Yinka Alaseyori and the choir of our church ministering powerfully to liberate lives. The theme is “Halleluyah.” I don’t know what God is going to do that will lead to that Halleluyah. God just told me Halleluyah is the theme of the programme. We call it God of no Limits Festival. It is going to be awesome by the grace of God.

What is your message to Nigerians as we look forward to 2019 elections?

My message to Nigerians as we look forward to election year 2019 is that they should expect power change. Going by what God is saying, some people will be declared winners, but the real winners will claim it at the court two years after. After the election, the original mandate owner will take it from the court and it is going to be celebration galore. God is going to use someone that is highly regarded as corrupt to change things in Nigeria which is very visible.

What is the duty of prophets in nation building?

A prophet is the most enviable position in the ministry. And at the same time it is the most criticized office in the ministry. It is the office people believe the holder must have everything that the office required, but they don’t know the price prophets pay.

Prophets are meant to be solution carriers to the nation, solution providers and the mind of God carriers. Prophets carry and convey the mind of God to people. There is a difference between you prophesying and propheseeing. Some people are merely prophesying and people are calling them prophets. The value of a prophets is when you give a word and it comes to past instantly.

A Prophet is an entity a nation must have whether the nation likes it or not.


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