INTERVIEW! I want God to choose his own person to rule Nigeria in 2019- Prophet Abiara

Prophet S.K. Abiara 

Retired General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide Prophet Samuel K. Abiara, speaks to PUNCH NEWSPAPER about his love and ministry.

As one of the leaders of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, what kept you there for that long?

It is the decision of the church that when a leader attains the age of 75, he will vacate the position for the younger ones. That is the policy of the church and I love the system because it is unique. Above all, it was the Lord that kept me for that long.

How did your service in the ministry impact your life?

I thank God Almighty because I live my life according to the teachings of the Bible. When you base your life on the word of God and follow His instructions, He will help you to live right.

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What can you remember about your time in office before retiring?

I thank God because my time in office was memorable and God used me to win souls into His kingdom. Through the ministry, I was able to lead people to Christ. I also thank God for the unity in the church because where there is unity, things will work smoothly.

When did you decide to obey the calling to preach the gospel?

I was called in 1963, and God has sustained me and performed miracles through me. For the past 53 years, I have been under the care of God. When I was working under a man of God, I was earning 150kobo.  It was at that time that God told me that he wanted me to leave and preach the gospel. I didn’t want to do that at first because I had seen a lot of prophets going about with their bells and the sight was not appealing to me. I had already registered my company but God told me that He would give me anything I wanted in life, if I obeyed His instruction. I am so grateful that He has never left me till this point.

Was your family in support of you quitting your job to preach the gospel?

 My family and friends didn’t support me at first; they said I was lazy and didn’t want to work. But I never felt discouraged because of God’s promise that He would be with me and provide me with everything I wanted.

Did you attend any theology school to learn the rudiments of preaching the gospel?

By the grace of God, I was sent to the Christ Apostolic Church Seminary School, Lagos, by the church from 1980 to 1982. I was also honoured by the St John University Bible International College in America. Prior to that time, I had little education because I had no one to sponsor me. Many people are even surprised that I can communicate properly in English language. God told me not to worry about communicating because He is the one that called me. I was visited by an angel of God who asked me to open my mouth, and told me to go into the world and spread the gospel. By the grace of God, I have held meetings with white people and important personalities all over the world.

How do you feel about the growth of the church?

I am grateful to God that CAC is all over the world and is one of the leading Pentecostal churches. The church is moving on. Soon, we will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the church. Also, we have quality leaders who have been able to bring growth into the kingdom.

As a religious leader, what are your thoughts about the state of the country?

As far as I am concerned, the country is in God’s hands and the future will be better. We will overcome all these challenges. There is politics everywhere but in civilised countries, politics is not a do-or-die affair like we have here. In those climes, they don’t buy the conscience of the people. They leave the people to vote for whoever they want. However, there is no need for panic or fear because God is in control. Nigeria will not collapse because the people of God are praying fervently for the nation.

With all the killings in the country, what advice do you have for the government on how to fix these issues?

I thank God Almighty because the Bible does not put us in darkness at all.  The Bible is complete. The Bible said in the last days, there will be terrible times. These are terrible times all over the world. It was written in Matthew 24 that in the last days, all sorts of things will happen. So, these happenings are not peculiar to Nigeria. Even in Indonesia and other countries, we hear of terrible things that are happening there. However, that does not mean that the government shouldn’t try their best to ensure the release of the kidnapped girls. If those girls were the daughters of high ranking government officials, they will not treat the matter with levity. They should take the issue more seriously than their ambition and campaign. I don’t judge them or blame them. I just want them to reinforce the fight against impunity in the nation.

Do you think it is right for a clergy to endorse a candidate of any political party?

I am not a politician, neither am I a member of any party, but I am always in support of any government in power because that is what the Bible says. The Bible says you should pray for your leaders. If anybody wants to support a candidate, then the reasons are best known to the person.  For me, I pray for all the political parties and I support the government in power.

What kind of person do you wish to rule the country?

I want God to choose his own person to rule. A person that is after God’s own heart; that is the kind of ruler I want.

What can you tell us about your wife, Grace?

I love her so much. God chose her for me and she is a very wonderful person.  She is very intelligent and humble. She is also very knowledgeable about the Bible. She just returned from America where she went to preach. They didn’t even want her to come back to Nigeria but I told them to allow my ‘honey’ to come back. I love her so much.

How did you know that she was the one for you?

God revealed it to me that she is my wife because there were so many women that wanted to marry me.

Where and when did you meet her?

We met many years ago in London when her sister brought her (to me) for prayers. After the prayer, I told her three things and one of them was that she was going to marry a man of God. By then, my late wife was still alive. Then, we went our separate ways. However, since we got married, she has taken special care of me and she enjoys me as well.

How did you make your intentions known to her?

It was through the Holy Spirit because it is not by her beauty or the fact that she dresses in a certain way. It was the Spirit of God and the authority of the word of God she carries that got me interested at first.

Having advanced in age, most people would have thought you would marry a younger woman that will take care of you. What is your take on this?

I didn’t marry a younger woman because the shoes will be too big for her to wear. I wanted a mature person who can listen and accommodate people. I am well loved by people.

How do you relax?

Before I got married, I don’t think I did but since I got married, my wife tells me when it’s time to rest and time to eat, and that why it is very good to have a partner.

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