CAC @100: 1930 revival, greatest revival of all time in Africa- Pastor Akinsulure

Pastor Samson O. Akinsulure

Pastor Samson O. Akinsulure, the Regional Superintendent of CAC Odubanjo Region, is the Chairman of the Planning Committee for the Centenary Anniversary. He speaks with ‘Gbenga Bankole and Evang. Oni Ayodeji on vital issues regarding the centenary celebration and CAC Worldwide.

 What is the philosophy behind this Centenary Celebration?

It is by the grace of God that we are 100 years as a mission and it is worth celebrating. Three of us were in Ghana last year (2017) to represent the authorities of CAC Worldwide at the centenary anniversary of CAC Ghana. It was very great when we got there. CAC Ghana traced her history back to 1917 when Apostle Akeh Anim, leader of our church in Ghana came across a magazine called “Sword of the Spirit.” We were told that he read the magazine and got saved. They started their own church from that time. Just like our own here in Nigeria, they didn’t name it Christ Apostolic Church from the beginning. But later they named it Christ Apostolic Church Ghana International. It was in the July of the same year that Pastor Odubanjo came across the same magazine (Sword of the Spirit) when he was transferred from Lagos to Warri by the Railway Authority. When he wanted to go he went to visit his brother, Mr. Shodipo in Lagos to bid him farewell that he had been transferred by the Railway Authority. When he was about to leave his Uncle’s house, he saw the same magazine (Sword of the Spirit). What really caught his attention was a title he saw in the magazine which is “Seven Principles of Prevailing Prayers.” His Uncle gave him the permission to go away with the magazine. When he got to Warri he started reading the magazine. He got in touch with Pastor P.A. Clark, who was one of the leaders of the Faith Tabernacle Congregation in America. He published the article. Pastor Odubanjo had it in mind that by the time he returned to Lagos in December 1918 he would share with his people what he had been gaining from that article. When he came back, he discovered that a prayer group had started in Ijebu-Ode.

There was one Mr. Alli of the Anglican Cathedral in Ijebu-Ode. Mr. Alli had a dream that the Cathedral was divided into two. He saw a small group praying fervently and they were in a great bright light, but the other group was lukewarm. Mr. Alli shared his dream with then Pastor of the church, Pastor Gansalo. The Pastor didn’t believe the dream, he sent him away. But before the week ran out, Mr. Alli had a dream again and went to share it with some of the church leaders like Baba Esinsinade, D.C. Oduga, Onanuga and some others. They took it seriously and they began to pray. That was the origin of the prayer band in Ijebu-Ode.

What Pastor Odubanjo leant from the magazine (Sword of the Spirit) formed part of CAC Tenets till today. If you look at CAC Constitution you will discover that our tenets came from various sources. It came from the magazine, the Bible and preaching of our fathers. They began to pray in Ijebu-Ode which led to the prayer group called “Precious Stone.” The group was renamed before it eventually became what it is known as Christ Apostolic Church.
When CAC Ghana International sent some people to come and visit CAC Secretariat in Ibadan in 2016, they told us they wanted to celebrate their centenary in the year 2017 and they invited us. When the time came, myself, the General Secretary, Pastor E.E. Mapur and Mission Director and Pastor C.S. Fasuyi represented the authority of CAC Worldwide at the celebration. They called their own CAC Ghana International, while our own is CAC Worldwide.

Cuts-in: Is the authority of CAC Worldwide in Nigeria the head of CAC Ghana International?
They have their own body. In actual fact CAC Ghana was not founded by Babalola or any of the founding fathers of our church. It was founded by Apostle Akeh Anim.  But somehow we were told that Apostle Babalola went there for five days to have revival with them. In actual fact, CAC Worldwide is not the founder of CAC Ghana International.

As the chairman of CAC Centenary Planning Committee, what are your roles?
I preside over the committee and I plan together with other members of the committee. I thank God I have wise men around me. We plan together just to see that the celebration is very great. Because we have seen what happened in Ghana and we ought to do what is better in Nigeria.

Why is it that the planning at the national level is very slow, compared to what is obtainable at the regions?
I don’t think the national planning is slow. It is what we planned here that is transferred down to the regions. Some of us who are members of the planning committee are also Regional Superintendents. When we take a decision here, we take it down to our people.

Is there anything needed by the committee that was not supplied, that would have made this celebration greater than this?
We are not that happy in the area of publicity because what we planned was not achieved. We planned to have five billboards in each of the States in Nigeria, but we couldn’t achieve it. That is why we decided to go for banners and radio jingles. We thank God for the little we were able to do.

 Is there any building or project the President of the mission will commission to commemorate the anniversary?
Yes, there is. If you go to Ikeji you will see there are changes there. The central altar that will join together the whole fingers is under construction. Work is ongoing there. They are doing two shifts. Some will work in the day while some will work overnight. Just to see that the work is completed and we use it for the centenary celebration. The altar will accommodate up to five thousand ministers. It is going to be very great. That is where the authority of the church is focusing now. We are planning of building 50 toilets to make the place decent for the convenience of the people.

What does it mean for CAC Worldwide to be 100?
It is significant for the church to be 100 and it is worth celebrating for someone to walk with God for 100 years.

What are the major achievements of CAC Worldwide since the last 100 years?
We have many things to be proud of. The 1930 revival is a landmark in Africa. It is still one of the reference points till today. It is the greatest revival you never refer to in Africa. We have schools in CAC. We have primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU). The ultra modern building of our General Secretariat is part of the achievements of the church. Anybody who goes there will know that we have achieved something. We have big and great churches all over the world that we can be proud of. Anywhere in the world we are not lagging behind in the committee of Christians.

Where do you want to see CAC after this celebration?
We are expecting the end time revival as being promised by God and we know that the revival has started by His grace. It is going to be a great achievement that CAC is going to be one again. I hope to see CAC going higher than what we see in the first century.

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