Cleric urges Ministers of God on cordial relationship with Choir Leaders

Pastor ‘Deola Amudipe

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Regional Choir Coordinator of Christ Apostolic Church, Odubanjo Region, Pastor ‘Deola Amudipe has urged Ministers of God to create a cordial relationship with the Choir Leaders.

He noted that most Choir Leaders have been active at their respective churches longer than even the pastors and a significant percentage of the members.

Pastor Amudipe who noted this while ministering yesterday Wednesday September 12, 2018 on the topic “Music Ensemble and CAC Choir Ministration: Challenges & Prospects” at the ongoing CAC Music Ministers’ Conference said that some choir leaders put in long hours on weekends, at night and during the normal workday, they should be respected and acknowledged for the services.

He further stated that Pastors should assist the Choir Leaders in recruiting choristers, allowing spaces for rehearsal schedules and people joining and leaving at inopportune times.

The cleric also said that Choir Leaders should work with Pastors to coordinate the emphasis in worship services, and planning and rehearsal of special programmes.

“A situation whereby guest artist will be invited to minister for hours and choir won’t be allowed to ministers for more than 15 to 20miniutes should no longer be encouraged in our church. Also, if the Pastor wants to change the hymn of service, he should consult the choir master before doing so,” he stated.

According to him, many choir leaders have been very unfortunate with Pastors they work with, adding that the relationship between them and the Pastors should be splendid and they should maintain openness.

Pastor Amudipe stated further that; “Pastors can speak for hours but skip the choir ministration without minding the time in which the choir has spent for rehearsing. This attitude should be avoided. Another challenge that we have in Choir Ministration in CAC is what is termed as “Worship War” between other music making bodies within the church like Good Women, Youth Choir etc. This has been a problem for years and has continued to exist today.”

The Music Icon urged Choir Leaders to keep and maintain order and unity and also abstain from worldliness.

He stated that; “Choir leaders should dedicate some minutes or so of each rehearsal to instruction that will help the choristers improve their music knowledge. For example they go over time signature, keys, notations, phrasing and vocal exercise that enhances the voice range, breath control and diction referring to these lessons when rehearsing actual songs.”

“For an effective Choir Ministration, Choir leaders should strive for a varied music selection to keep the rehearsals and performances fresh and challenging. Sticking to only one or two styles of music can bore the choir and the audience. Select compositions from different genres and eras, such as gospel, traditional chorals, classical and praise music.”   

He advised Choir Leaders to embrace a good music, explaining that a good music is a music that is balanced musically and scripturally.

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