Marriage is a covenant relationship, not a contract - CAC Worldwide Youth Officer

Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro has said that despite the alarming rate of marital failure among couples and singles today, God's standard for marriage has not changed from his original plan.

Pastor Gbuyiro noted that contrary to what some people believe these days, marriage is a covenant relationship, not a contract.

He said that to God, marriage is still an ideal thing for man, pivotal to his fulfillment in life.

The Youth Officer stated this on Thursday August 10, 2018 while ministering on the topic "Marital Failure: An Alarming Sign of His Coming" at the Joint National Youth Conference of Babajide Region in Odo Owa conference centre, Kwara state.

According to him, up till this moment, God is very committed to marriage institution as affecting His children through which He intends to manifest the beauty of the  world He designed.

"Marriage is not a relationship of convenience, but commitment. It is not a problem, but problem-solving means. It is not keeping to oneself, but cleaving for oneness. It is not about what you have in terms of material possessions and affluence, but Christ in you," he explained.

The high rate of divorce in our society and wrong marital teachings according to him are proofs of marital failure in our era.

Pastor Gbuyiro told the youth that: "marriage remains the foundation of your life and if you allow it to be destroyed by ignorance and carelessness, your righteousness will amount to nothing, says the Bible in Psalm 11:3. Marital failure proves to God that you are not worthy to be trusted with something of eternal value. There will be no concrete evidence to justify your success in life when your failure in marriage is glaring."

"Marital failure is a sign that things are wrong with your life. Life loses credibility when marriage crashes. There cannot be true success in life without good marriage. Good marriage will always give you peace of mind, joy, and inner strength that produce courage to handle life's challenges. Research has proven that nothing can fill up any vacuum created by broken home and marital failure, not even a promising career or religious activities."

"If you really desire to go far in life, get marriage right. Men and women of notable progress in life don't joke with their marriage. A happy couple can fulfill the purpose of God easily than an unmarried or a wrongly married one. Failure in marriage has no remedy. Therefore, consciously purpose and resolve in your mind to pray, plan, prepare and determine to say " No" to marital failure. "

While commenting on how to avoid marital failure, Pastor Gbuyiro urged singles to understand God's purpose for marriage and work on themselves to be good materials for its accomplishment.

He urged them to resolve in their minds to follow the Author's manual and purpose not to defile themselves with sweet poison of the editors.

He concluded thus: "have a dream for your marriage. Build a solid foundation for your marriage and follow God's directive in choosing a partner. Determine to have a pure courtship. Humbly follow the counsel and advice of an elderly and Godly mentor.
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