Biography of CAC Babalola Regional Superintendent, Pastor Oyepetun

Pastor M.O. Oyepetun

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

Every generation is blessed by humans with extraordinary qualities, endowment and superlative energy to do what ordinary seems impossible. Anywhere they go, they put indelible marks of excellence and unparallel achievements. Their motto is entrenched in Luke Chapter 1 verse 37; “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” One of these is Pastor Michhael Olasunmiboye Oyepetun, the pioneer Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region.

Pastor Oyepetun was born to the family of late Mr. and Mrs. Faloye Akande of Elewe compound, Ikire-Ile near Iwo, Olaoluwa Local Government in 1947. His parents were pagans because Christianity religion was not popular then, but, he was able to convert his mother, Late Madam Arike Ato Faloye Akande to Christianity.

The first Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region started his Elementary School at St. John Anglican School Ikire-Ile. After primary school, he went to St. Anthony Catholic Modern School, Iwo. There, he finished his Secondary Modern Three. When there was no money to further his education, he became a farmer. At the same time, he learned driving. It was during this period that he received the call into the ministry.

Pastor Oyepetun was converted to CAC in 1971 through a member of the church. He later became a member of the Light of the World Society (Egbe Imole Aye). He received spiritual inspiration through one of his colleagues in the society. They usually engaged in night vigil. It was in one of their prayer journeys to a mountain that some of the brothers told him that he is going to be a minister of God.

Apart from this, there was one Pastor Ogunrinade from a CAC assembly in Gbongan who after seeing his (Pastor Oyepetun) spiritual fervency told him that he shall soon become a man of God. It was through these revelations that he answered the call of God…

To solidify his knowledge in Christ, Pastor Oyepetun started his theological tutelage under Baba Abiye, in Ede. He was taken to Baba Abiye in 1971 by Pastor Ogunrinde, where he spent two years. He later received another tutelage under Pastor Olutimehin at Agege, Lagos state in 1973 where he spent another two years.

As part of personal efforts to train himself, he tried to attend ECWA Theological Seminary. He was to spend seven years, but, when he started, he only spent two years, by then, CAC had started her seminary in Ile-ife. That was how he changed to Ile-Ife CAC Seminary and spent another two years.

The first place of work of Baba Oyepetun as a minister of God was CAC Oturpo. He met Baba Abiye there. He was transferred there to plant churches. It was Baba Abiye that established CAC Oturpo in 1969. He also established other CAC assemblies at Igede, Otupa, Ogugu, Utonkan and so on. Baba Abiye later left Pastor Oyepetun there. At Otupo area of today Benue state, he planted about 15 CAC assemblies. Today, these assemblies has become DCCs and Zonal headquarters.

From Otunpo, this man of God was transferred to Oke-Igbala, Aromoko in Ekiti state today in 1981. He spent five years there, he revived a lot of churches that were not well established or the ones suffering from one problem or the other. He served under one Pastor Ago.

In 1987, the church authority transferred Pastor Oyepetun to Ede. He was promoted to the post of District Superintendent. He was transferred to Oke-Agbo in Ijebu-Igbo in 1987 and he was there till 1995. He developed all the smaller churches, virtually, they became headquarters. Also, he established churches in many area including Egbe, Apoje, and so on where CAC mission was not visible before. He bought land for the Superintendent quarters and he succeeded in building it seven year before he was transferred.

Pastor Oyepetun was transferred by the authority of CAC Worldwide in 1995 to Ede. He spent three years there before he left the place.  

In 1998 September to be précised, this amiable man of God was transferred  to Lokoja, the present Kogi state. He had been familiar with Lokoja when he was in Otunpo. The CAC authority promoted him to the position of Zonal Chairman in Lokoja in 2000. He was promoted to the positions of AGS 2 and AGS 1 after. He spent only four years there, but, he succeeded in planting many churches again which included Jegubeki and so on.

In 2003, Pastor Oyepetun was transferred from Lokoja to CAC Oke-Igbala in Ondo state. By 2006, he was transferred to CAC Agbokojo in Ibadan, Oyo state capital. On getting there, God used him greatly for revival. It was from Ibadan that he was moved to Badagry, in Lagos state. He renovated all the dilapidated churches and the mission house. He raised the church to a storey building.

In December 2012, he was transferred to Ebute Elefun, but started work on January 2013. At the general headquarters, he bought land and built English Assembly and Faith Home among others.

The biography of this great man of God will not be completed without making reference to his sojourn at the CACMA. Pastor Oyepetun was appointed the National Chairman of CACMA in 2007.

The CAC Authority from Ebute-Elefun appointed Pastor Oyepetun the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region in January 2018.


  1. I want to appreciate the man of God, and how God has used him in His ministry to the glory of His name. Baba, I thank God on your behalf, and I say may God continue to strengthen you in the more in this new position that He has placed you.
    Furthermore, I will like to say this to our leaders in CAC, that, the way this our Daddy had worked fervently during his early ministry life, that is, his transfer from one place to another within a short time and for the fact that he made impacts in all his stations, is an encouragement to the ministry. also within his short stay, there was no news of evil recorded of him.
    Please, Sir, with all due respect, if we can have a situation like this again, that is, transferring the ministers after a short time of their stay in any station, whether they do go or not. This will help the Church of God to grow, because the church is diminishing every day and our ministers today are only for their stomach alone, they do not have the work of God in their minds again.
    I wish this note is read to the furthering of the work of God.

  2. That seems to me to be a very effective and clear answer. It is also, in my opinion, the stone cold truth. church

  3. Thanks a lot for this compilation of the biography of the retired Pastor M.O. Oyepetun - The Pioneer Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region.

    Please correction has to be made of paragraph 9 which states " From Otunpo", this should be From Otukpo. Thanks

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