Code for renewal is movement - Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

Any Christian who seeks renewal in any area of life must understand the code that makes it happen. Pastor Olu Olorunpomi made this known today (Sunday) while ministering at the Thanksgiving Service for the second anniversary of CAC General Headquarters (Ebute-Elefun) English Assembly.

Quoting Isaiah 40:31, he described the eagle as a very unique bird which has a great edge in the aspects of speed, focus, disposition towards heights and freshness, among other things. The most important value of the eagle is its far-reaching vision, an ability which makes it see up to five kilometers ahead.

"When parts of the eagle's body become weary, it flies to a high and secluded place for renewal. The eagle removes its feathers, claws and beak with accompanying excruciating pains! That is what purpose can do. When you discover your purpose, no sacrifice is too much for you. When you discover your purpose, you become productively busy for the rest of your life," he stated.

In the high point of the message, Pastor Olorunpomi who is the Assembly Pastor of CAC Eternal Praise, Alakuko Lagos identified the word MOVE as the code for anyone who desires to be renewed. This, he explained, is three-dimensional.

He exhorted believers to move away from drainers and stainers; move closer to the Divine and Sustainer; and move on with determination and success-mentality.

The Thanksgiving service which was the grand finale of a series of events held during the week to commemorate the second anniversary of the church was well attended, awesome and colourful.


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