INTERVIEW! I never thought I will become General Evangelist- Prophet Hezekiah

The General Evangelist Worldwide, Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Prophet/Evangelist Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji will be formally installed today. He does not just speak, he evangelises at every opportunity to address various topics. He tells his story to NIGERIAN TRIBUNE in this interview.

How did this new assignment come to you?
Let us thank God because everything is from God. My story, from the beginning till today, is to thank God. Every aspect of my life is to thank God. From my family: mother, father, family members on the mother and father sides, just thank God. That I even know Christ, I thank God. I know that Christ is the one that calls and if I didn’t know Him, I might have a calling that amounts to nothing. So the One that brought about the revelation of my call is Christ, our Lord. I might have been called from heaven, I might have been called from my mother’s womb and so on, Christ is the One that brought me to that knowledge.

I had gone out to seek Christ as the Liberator, the One that would deliver me from my worries, my troubles, my handicap, my discomfort, my weeping. That was enough for me. “Jesu n pe o, ore ma bò. Asán l’adùn aye, oun gbogbo a d’opin” (Jesus is calling you, friend come. The thrills of the earth are worthless, all shall come to an end). This was the song I heard and I said I must go to where it was being rendered. The person that took me to the church left me on a bamboo and told me he was going to drink beer. It is true that two persons would be on their way to the farm, one would be taken and the other would be abandoned. By the time he came back, the programme had ended. From that day till today, even if it is a child that is preaching the gospel, I pay attention because I might be the one to whom the message is sent. That day, at altar call, I managed to respond by trudging to the front with my two walking sticks. I knelt and by the time the prayer was over, I rose to my feet, felt lighter. I walked and didn’t even remember my sticks. After the grace, I went home. I found that Jesus is so sweet. From thence, I cleared all things in my home that was not of Christ, including the evils I bore in my heart. I don’t copy anyone; I don’t go looking for anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ. If you are reading this and still postpone your salvation, you’re not helping yourself.
I wanted to be baptised and this was regardless of the fact that I had earlier been baptised. I studied so very well for my baptism; I asked a lot of questions and from my questions, I found that I needed to be re-baptised. The day I got my second baptism was the same day I received the Holy Spirit. I was baptised by Pastor Aregbesola, from Esa Oke in Osun State. Two things are uppermost in my life after my salvation and baptism: Prayer and fasting. “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”, I love Sundays and I don’t joke with services. One of my hobbies is all night vigil and I also relish going to pray on mountains. God called me during one of my visits to the prayer mountains; it was a unique experience. I had a direct, personal discussion with God, an experience that I can never forget!

You said you abandoned your sticks. Were you walking with sticks?
I used sticks to aid my walking. My two legs were ailing. It could take me hours to walk a distance of a few metres. These bad legs are from my childhood, and that’s what cost me having a formal education. I just couldn’t go to school. Then I was a pitiable sight, which made some people cry. Nobody knew the reason for the painful legs. The evening of the day my mother died, she cried as she told me of her deep pity for me. I didn’t know she was going to die that night, in 1980.

Were you born a Christian or was it adversity that brought you to Christianity?
I’m from a Christian home. I was born a Christian, into the Baptist denomination. My parents were baptists, but back in those days, we prayed simply as Christians but also participated in out town’s festivals, rituals and joined in masquerade dances. We are from Edunabon in Ife North in Osun State.

You must have wielded canes during masquerade celebrations…
I was even initiated into the Egungun cult. But, you could even do that only when you are whole. Isn’t it a man with fewer worries that would celebrate a masquerade festival? I was more like a person with palsy…ailing and wobbly legs. I would walk today and tomorrow, I’d become virtually paralysed. But since I met Jesus Christ our Lord, the legs that couldn’t support me now carry me for 12 hours and more.

Look around you where God has placed you now and coming from that harrowing past, there must be people who would be praying to be what you are today, saying I want to be like Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji…
That’s correct. You’re right. However, humans abhor three things. The first is a challenge. It was my challenges that turned me to a friend of Jesus. Indeed, it was that challenge that brought the grace of God upon my life. It was my challenges that drove me to the mountains. Each time I remember I have challenges, even after saying goodnight, I will pick up my Bible and head to church. Among the fruits of prayers, vigils and prayer mountains are what we are witnessing today. Sometimes, when we face challenges, it’s even good because if you know Christ, you will overflow and you sometimes gain unmerited favours from God. If Hannah didn’t face the challenge of childlessness, she wouldn’t have had a child like Samuel. If Joseph hadn’t faced that situation, he wouldn’t have received the favours of the king.
The second is adversity. If you know Jesus Christ, though there would be adversity, huge ones at that, they would be small issues, after all. The third is misfortune. In all of these, with God in you, you would always come out tops. You will always know that it is but for a while. But people would not want to associate with you for that time. No friend will stay with you. For me, it was tough. Sometimes, I would go for beans leftover by goats. That’s what I would wash, cook and eat. I collected leftover soups, after people had eaten. I’d mix them up, get some salt and pepper and rechauffe. That would be my food. I didn’t have pots; I cooked with cans. I’d pick used tins of paint thrown away by Ogo Oluwa Kiitan in Osogbo. I’d wash them and they served as my pots, for my rice, beans, etc. Then I would work on the leftover soups and eat. Adversity doesn’t allow you to eat what you want. There would be adversity, but it’s only for a while. Students, if you’re in the desert, it’s only for a while.

When God called you, how did you go about it?
After my apprenticeship as a mechanic, I wanted to leave but God said I should tarry and stay for two more years with my boss. Where was I even going to? That’s one of the reasons why I’m well contented. I don’t care what you wear or about your possessions. I sometimes washed my clothes and waited for them to dry so that I could have something to wear. I even devised a skill of heat-drying of my clothes with naked fire because I’d need them for church service the next day. The Church was my only friend, but nowadays I have more friends and family. In the time of adversity, there was none. Some people didn’t believe that I would survive the tribulation, which had forced me out of my father’s home.

When I was an apprentice mechanic, I ignored the call. God had called me but I didn’t know. I went to the North to start a mechanic business. My intention was to go far away from home, kind of get lost from these parts so I can have time to pray. I loved to do my mechanic work and to pray. I even prayed more than I had time to work as a mechanic. At times, when it gets to about 3pm and I don’t have any work to do at the shop, I would disappear into the thicket to pray. Some of those who knew me as an apprentice reckoned that I would be God’s instrument. My call was clear, as clear as something tangible. It was unmistakable. But I had my own time of weeping and Jesus would always reassure me. He said He would use me, but I wondered how, having not acquired formal education? I was contented with just serving in the church and contributing whatever I have, so much that I would be left with just bare clothes, sometimes. I never thought of building houses or acquiring property. What if I had died like the many others in our home?

So, when I was nearly drowned in my difficulties, I decided to go to the mountain at Efon Alaaye to fast and pray. Someone gave me some money to pay my transport fare to Ife. I had already bought garri. By the time I got to Ife, my money had been exhausted. I sought a lift and a pickup van offered to help. But the driver asked how I would endure the wind, at back of the van, because there wasn’t any more space in front. I told him not to bother. I betted with the wind, so much that my eyes were all wet. When we got to Osu, a heavy rain started. I was beaten by the rain till we got to Itawure. From there, I trekked to Efon Alaaye. The road had not been asphalted then. Of course, my garri was gone…the flood was as high as my chest and I had even been cut by a broken bottle. When I got to Oke Isegun at about midnight, Baba Alokan saw me and said, ‘what’s wrong with you this child? Why are you moving this late and in the rain?’ He offered to cook for me and to give me fresh clothes. I declined. He advised that I don’t climb the mountain that night, lest I fall off and die. So, I slept on a pew in the church. At about 4am, I set out for the mountain. After seven days, I refused to break my fast. God told me clearly that I must do what He has called me to do. I pleaded that He grants me two years and He asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted to buy 10 vehicles. He said I should go. Nearly everything I ever achieved came through difficulty, even marriage. God had told me to go to a very strong Muslim family in Ede to take a wife. For seven years, we didn’t have a child. It was a deluge of prayers. During festivals, I would trek home from Olode (Garage) to Edunabon, with the same legs I couldn’t walk with.

How about your immediate family?
My family is there and they are fine. I have a family.

Where was your family in all of these?
When you have too many battles and difficulties, some people would take you for being insane. No one came for me. How would they ask of me? Who would they say they are looking for? The only person who stood by me was my mother. My father was always in the farms, although he showed me love. He was willing to go the extra mile for me. I won’t forget some three nights I could not sleep due to severe pains in my legs. It was harrowing. I cried so much for help and had sought that people should help me even if it was for the sake of my dead mother, whom I knew would have risen for my sake.

Today, you are the General Evangelist, CAC Worldwide and your evangelism isto all of humanity. One wonders how come?
I can’t explain it myself. I don’t know. It is the work of the God of Apostle Ayo Babalola. I do not know how come. I’ve never for once thought about it. That’s why I strongly believe that the power of God is upon the Christ Apostolic Church. So, for this, I thank immensely the CAC Worldwide and my special thanks go to the President, Pastor Akinosun, the General Superintendent and the General Executive Council (GEC). I am indeed humbled by the gesture of the Church of God.

So, what has been happening and what should the Church expect?
I’m just a five-month-old child as the General Evangelist Worldwide. What can a child of that age do yet? All we need is to help him with prayers. All I need are prayers and God’s tutelage.

What do you want to advise the Church of God and humanity?
We must continue to pray for the leaders of the Church and all of the country. We must intensify our prayers for all the people of Nigeria because the vision of Apostle Ayo Babalola covered the entire country. No one is exempted from the positive fruits of God’s gifts to Apostle Ayo Babalola; be you Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba. The result of the vision God endowed CAC with has impacted all and sundry in Nigeria. The impact of the power of 1930 on this country cannot be wished away; so we must dully give proper recognition to CAC. We must also give deserved eulogies to the power of God as it manifested through CAC, in 1930. By the grace of God, we are looking forward to the centenary of this church. We must remain united in Christ and celebrate the power of God in our midst.

For our country Nigeria, I will reiterate that we must return to God and revere Him. We must desist from aggrandizement. We are acquiring so much wealth without knowledge of who would inherit it. So, what’s the sense in that? Some people have property but they cannot recollect where they were kept. We pray that God of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola will help us. May the Lord hear our prayer.

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