CAC Clerics, members send greetings, as Duty Commencement Service for Prophet Hezekiah holds today

Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji

By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The long awaited Duty Commencement Service of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji will hold today Saturday 12th of May, 2018 at Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun state.

Prophet Hezekiah who was announced as CAC Worldwide General Evangelist late last year resumed officially on the 1st of January, 2018. He succeeded the renowned world Evangelist, Prophet S.K Abiara who retired after serving for many years.

CAC NEWS gathered that lovers of Prophet Hezekiah in the nooks and crannies of the country and across the globe are already trooping in their numbers to Ikeji-Arakeji for the service which will start by 11am.

Meanwhile, Clerics and members of the church have been sending their greetings and advice to the General Evangelist. These were sent through the WhatsApp and Telegram groups of CAC NEWS.


Their wishes and advice are captured below:

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, CAC Eternal Praise Alakuko, Lagos

Dear Prophet Hezekiah,

I'm not usually comfortable with congratulating people when given an assignment like you have received. Most people see the privilege and perks attached to the office while I see the requirements, the demands, the sacrifice, the unrealistic expectations of people, the twists, the politicking that work against sincere efforts to raise the stakes.

Today, I pray that the God of our fathers will help you beyond human imaginations. May your tenure as the CAC General Evangelist position the church in her rightful place in God's kingdom and in the comity of churches in this nation.

Sir, please beware of people who surround you. And let your communication be clear to people. Since you're not infallible, let it be your hallmark to apologize promptly when necessary.

Above all, my daily and greatest prayer for you is to be able to maintain a healthy balance between obedience to God and loyalty to the church authorities.

While I would have loved to say welcome to work, permit me to join others to say congratulations.

Pastor I.D.O Akinpelu, CAC His Fame House, Ipana Ipaja Lagos

I join the millions of mammoth ministers and members of CAC home and abroad to wish our father Prophet Hezekiah the newly appointed General Evangelist happy commencement of service.

I wish him successful tenure and prayed for the return of God's face, repetition of God's fame and revival as in the days of our Patriarch in his time.

I know him to be a man of unusual humility.

I see him as Apostle Babalola of our time. I there by humbly advice that he should replicate Baba Apostle holistically, both in prayer, power and principle.

Pastor  OLOGUNAYE-JACOBS,  Assembly Pastor, CAC, House Of Judah, Ibadan, Nigeria.


Let me wish the grace found General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Prophet Oluboye Hezekiah OLADEJI, a big congratulations and pray that God will through him do great and mighty wonders in moving our church Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide and the entire body of Christ forward in Jesus' name.

My candid advice to the great prophet of God is to set his feet on the path of holiness and righteousness and shun favoritism in all he'll be doing and to always disseminate what God told and He's telling him to the people. Though it may be jettisoned, but later will be referred to and embraced.

He should also see himself as the one sent by God to come as God's mouth piece to rescuing this nation from the clutches of the blood sucking political and religious leaders.

He should see himself as the prophets Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, and Apostle Peter of this generation. Apostle JOSEPH AYÒ BABALOLA, didn't see himself as less to the power that be in government then though respected leadership but not to be cowed by the government of his days and so should the new General Evangelist sees himself.

And finally, the area of open air crusade and church planting should be of utmost priority and regulation of those who have planted, to shun schism in the body of Christ. Sir, have my prayers (Psalm 20) always in Jesus' name.

Happy celebration. Long live Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide!

Pastor  David O Soyoye ,Minister in Charge, CAC Ebute Yiyanju Ijemo Agbadu Abeokuta Ogun State

 I felicitate with our Amiable Father,Mentor,Babalola of our time,a man of God to the core, on his induction as the General Evangelist of our Able Church ,Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide ,Baba Your tenure will  bring total peace and fire for Revival for end time in His Church

Pastor Doyin Adeyemi

On behalf of the entire Light of the World Zone, I want to congratulate the General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah on his induction ceremony. May God work with you and help you to fulfill your purpose.

Pastor L.O.A Afolabi, CAC strong Tower Assembly, Abule-Egba District, Abule-Egba DCC, Lagos.

I congratulate prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji, the New General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church worldwide, as he will receive staff of office.

Baba you will succeed, the Lord that helped your predecessor will grant you success, your tenure will bring down the fire of end time revival...

My advice to you sir, please be more closer to your caller than ever before, seek His Direction always, don't do the will of Man because all eyes on you. I wish you successful tenure.

CAC Ebute Yiyanju Assembly Ijemo Agbadu Abeokuta

The Entire CAC Ebute Yiyanju Assembly Ijemo Agbadu Abeokuta felicitate with our Lovely father, mentor, a firebrand minister of God on your induction as the General Evangelist of our able church.

Pastor Emmanuel O. Akintunde, the Curate Pastor CAC Ibara Omida District Hqrts, Abeokuta Ogun State

I hereby felicitate with our father in the Lord, the General Evangelist of our Great Mission. God is your strength, more wisdom to full the work of the mission. Increase in grace Baba.


Pastor Bankole Paul Olufemi  Taye, Assistant  Music  Director  CAC Worldwide

I want to specially congratulate Prophet Hezekiah on this great and memorable day. There is no doubt that you hit the ground running.  Among your achievement within the shortest time is the transformation of the Holy Pilgrimage at Odo Owa into an enviable standard with MIKANO standby  generator, clearing of the mountain for a  bigger car packs, electrification of the mountain with  26 poles and street lights and drilling of a bore hole on the mountain for stable water supply.

May be Lord uphold him to the end and use him mightily for the end time revival.

Pastor Oluwashola S.Ehinju, CAC Land of Mercy Christ the King DCC, Kubwa Abuja

I wish our indefatigable prophet Hezekiah a good tenure in office and during his tenure CAC Worldwide shall be liberated more in Jesus name.

Despite the grace of God upon you sir, you still have to ask for more wisdom of God for smooth running of your divine mandate.

Pastor Joel Olajubu, CAC Camp of Success, Agric Ikorodu, Lagos

My only advice to him is that he should continue in the strength of the God of our founding fathers that brought him to this elevated post. He should also know that the Lord has brought him to this position in order to rekindle the Pentecostal fire on our Altar.

Pastor Johnson OJO Momoh,  CAC Oke Ibukun, Igarra, Afenmai DCC Edo state

On behalf of my humble self and my family, I Pastor Johnson OJO Momoh wish to felicitate with Prophet Hezekiah as he officially assumes duty as the new General Evangelist of CAC, Worldwide today, 12th May, 2018. May the good Lord who has located you with His favour grant you the auction to function in Jesus Name, Amen.

Evang j. A. Afolabi, CAC Canaanland District Headquarters,  Suleja

I, Evang j. A. Afolabi from Christ Apostolic Church, Canaanland District hdqt., Suleja felicitate with the Prophet of Prophets, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji on his induction service as General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide. Ọlọ́run ìpè àwọn bàbà wá yio tí yín leyin ooo. Congrats sir

Faith Israel Jesuyeye

I Faith Israel Jesuyeye , a youth executive of Christ Apostolic Church Mount of Joy Shibiri road ajangbadi Ojo Lagos State felicitate with Our Father prophet Hezekiah on his induction as the General Evangelist of our  Church ,Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide ,Baba your tenure will  bring success in our church.

Salufu Stephen, CAC Miracle Centre, Auchi, Edo State

Church planting and evangelism should be a focus in Christ Apostolic Church. Revivalists should stop turning revival programmes into fund raising.

Adebayo Stephen, CAC Mowe Zonal Headquarters

As the new general evangelist of this noble church, the areas of church planters who refuse to submit to authority must be resolved and all the prophets with the evangelist in CAC must improved in thier way of ministering and administering. The power of this dispensation ministerial success will not depart from you.

Emmanuel Amosu, C. A. C Oke Iyanu

I Emmanuel Amosu, the District Choir Master of C. A. C oke iyanu district facilitate with Elijah of our time a true Prophet of God, Prophet Hezekiah.  I pray in his time we shall all know it for good, and his time will bring an era of better change to our dear church

Adesina Adekunle, CAC Oke Ayo Kogi state

I Adesina Adekunle the choir Master of Oke Ayo District Head Quarter, Egbeda Egga kogi state, facilitate with  Evangelist Hezekiah  O. Olajide on his  induction as the General Evangelist of our great church, Christ Apostolic Church worldwide. Sir may your time being blessing to the church and I pray that your Anointing shall not run dry.

Deacon Michael Oluseyi Akande , CAC (Victory Land), Ikotun District Headquarters, Ikotun Lagos


Blessed be the name of the Lord who called and ordained you for His purpose. May His grace uphold and enable you to fulfill the purpose of your calling. We pray God empower you to use this opportunity to pursue the restoration of this mission.

Let the ministries of Prophet and Evangelist be distinct and not be seen as lower cadre to Pastor. Also, the revival/crusade programs in this mission should aim at winning people's lives for Christ and not their purses.

I pray that the church look into the welfare of her ministers; especially those who work in financial challenged duty posts. Let the word from God be your anchor and not word from men.

And if possible, with the support of General Superintendent and Administrative Department of the Mission, let the district structuring base on geographical location. (e.g. a District should not have an assembly in another local government or state).

The Church is marching on, the gate of hell can never prevail. Congratulations sir

Israel O. Afolayan, Christ Apostolic Church, Ikosi District, Shomolu DCC, Lagos

Congratulations to our father in the Lord, Prophet Hezekiah  on his Duty Commencement Service as the General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church. I believe that this is God's ordination, because no one receives anything except he be given from heaven.

Sir, I pray that the longtime awaited revival that God has promised us shall begin to manifest in your time.  We await great evangelism and outreaches with miracles, signs and wonders as you depend on the directives of the Holy Spirit per time.

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