The Days of Youth by Columnist Damilare Taiwo

Damilare Taiwo

The days of the youth happen to be the best and most interesting phase in anyone’s life. It is that time you have freedom, take decisions, get responsible for many things and explore every cool thing that you can. Personally, I love my youthfulness. Little wonder we hear parents/old folks say things like; ‘when I was your age’, ‘in those day when I used to be this’, ‘during our own time’, ‘back in the days’, ‘when we were like you’, ‘and all of those funny-comments-said-seriously’.

To me, all I see when I hear things like that is the conclusion that the dearly miss their younger days. I mean, this is the time you can always be creative, reach for anything, have and enjoy friends’ company, be most industrious, get to volunteer, be unburdened and do really cool stuffs. It is not that the older people around us are totally missing out of these things, of course not; it is only that they are honestly trying not to be old. But these are what a young 15-40 aged person would easily do.

By the way, the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2017 happens to be ‘youthquake’. It means a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people. This word is now being added to the English dictionary.

Now the question is about what should be done with this exciting period in life.
Firstly, remember God. Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth-Eccl12:1a. By remembering, here it means getting to know God, establishing a relationship and having Him on your side. Believe me, the best thing you ever want is God being by and on your side, and it so matters now because the earlier the better. Imagine you carrying a dual status; Youthful and Child of God. The glory of young men is their strength-Prov20:29a. How sweet.

Other things to do include investing in yourself, bagging academic and professional degrees, learning a trade, acquiring skills, investing your money/resources, investing in your relationships with people, being actively involved in God’s service, taking evangelisms seriously, investing in people (which may be through those Maths and English tutorials, career and admissions advices, bible study/discipleship, sports coaching, timely encouragement, health or any knowledgeable discourse, financial assistance or any other relative way), building societal values, growing your church in your little way, being creative and progressive (of which the CAC News platform is a product), and doing other helpful things that may be initiated, hopefully, from your campus/corpers/church youth fellowship.

Life as an old person becomes easy and lively if the youthful days were well spent. Don’t forget it is not forever. But doing these things would make us the kind of youths and, eventually, old sages that God Himself, the Church (CAC), the larger Church of Christ and the world would be proud of.

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