AGE OF THE BEAUTY: Letter to the Youth Officer by Adebayo Stephen

Adebayo Stephen

The burning and the molten magma in me towards the development of the church i believe has gotten to its highest temperature and its ready to erupt. Judging from the volcanic manner at which issues are being raised and discussed amidst the teaming future (youth) of this great mission, their numerous questions about the doctrines and other burning issues which have not been answered, gave me the impression that there is gradually coming, a revival of the mind, of the heart and of the soul in the church. The era and ages of gullibility and "do as I say" is fast eroding, making way for new and illustrious era in the conception of the church.

It is no longer news that tens of hundreds of youth of CAC are reading only one book in the Bible which is 'Exodus' and it is manifested in the terrific way they annually or better put, incessantly exit the church because of either a wrong system or non availability of solid platforms to grow and better their lives in their respective local assemblies or the other. The ones that have left cannot be crucified but focus has to be shifted to the remaining ones who needed illumination of hope to finding relevancy in their unheard voices towards the development and growth they all desire and clamor for.

My happiness and joy there and then is that, the remaining ones have decided to make things happen instead of folding arms in akinbo and watch with rapt attitude of "it's not my father's business". Thanks to the few comrades and generals in the making, who are gradually promoting the face of CAC youth and church gradually. Without any doubt, I believe in few years, we shall be celebrating an era where the foetus will also speak and it will be reckoned with
 I jokingly call it "era of the foetic voice".

In a sharp and quick turn, I want to humbly and sincerely crave the indulgence of my amiable, relentless cum effervescent boss and the number one youth candidate of this glorious mission into some observations, which have gone through the furnace of thorough research. But I won't continue without first of all passing my commendation on the recent moves to restructuring of the youth department, by discerning and appointing of youth executives at national level, visit to the campus fellowship for programmes and integration.

Coining from the title of the debutant novelist, Ayi Kwei Armah, a Ghanian writer "The beautiful ones are not yet born" this piece in summary was exposing the unavailability of capable breeds that will break the face of things from the norm. The writer's lamentation was felt in the title of that novel but looking at what has metamorphosed from thought provoking questions to healthy and useful arguments and brainstorms that has flooded the CAC youth social platforms within the past few months of my unusual silence, I can boldly and categorically say here comes the "the ages of the beauty"

The beautiful ones have been born and bred but needed to be discovered and given the adequate attention to make CAC youth department and the church at large, a place of glory rather than gory.
Knowing fullwell that the mandate is tasking and demanding, I will enjoin my father and boss to look inwardly possibly grassroot to discover, refine and nurture these 'beautiful ones' to a status where they can become global figures to the advancement of the church.
The likes of Sinachi, Frank Edward, Nathaniel Bassey to mention a few, will never forget nor leave their church because of the platform and boost they all benefited from their respective denomination.

We have some Babalolas, Obadares, Adeboyes, Gbile Akannis and Kumyis in the present youth system and likewise we still have the Bola Ares, Nathaniel Basseys, Travis Greenes, worship and praise leaders who who canmove mountains in the youth. All that is needed is a professional via spiritual microscope to discover and discern them.

Its high time we shunned nepotism and start to look out for the right peg in the right hole for the future of this church and her general wellbeing is paramount to me more than my ambition of becoming a professor.

The creation of CACYOF in other campuses where these crude vessels are is the key. There are some universities where CACYOF doesn't exist and these raw talents are left with no choice than to join other fellowships. Moreso, creation of comfortable worship structures for the existing ones, creation of more youth chapels, reviving and monitoring of career platforms for proper emancipation and re-orientation is also necessary.

Lastly, diversification and innovations to improving our youth system is a plus which has to do with the way we relay our doctrinal injunctions to new members.
May the Lord bless His church.
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