Should usage of electronic Bible be allowed on pulpit? Clerics speak

Ministers of God in Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide have been sharing their opinion with CAC NEWS on whether it is idea for men of God to use electronic Bible for ministration on pulpit.

Pastor Olutimehin Isaac of JABU chapel shared his opinion;

To be candid, its usage is wrong as a Leader.As role models fully aware that the flock are our mentee , we need not to cause them to go an extra length and weaken their faith as Paul clearly said. If we use mobile bible, even if we are right, church members will bring laptops or more sophisticated electronics, and funny enough, they will go extra length. But in case we put messages into it instead of paper, we need to go with the bible as the word and a transparently disabled network tabs or ipad containing our message only. It is a better medium for storing messages as messages over a year cab be retrieved from experience when compared to paper that can get lost, moreover, our messages can be uploaded via clouds and restored.


It can be easily searched out by typing chapter and verses and has search engine that brings out relevant bible passages quickly than trying to search by index.


People nowadays don't bother knowing verses off hand as it can be goggled instantly causing laziness.

People can easily type any topic and Google if. They tend to rely on ready made messages easily sought from internet than waiting on the HOLY SPIRIT for  total guidance and reliance.

iPad and the likes cannot be taken for evangelism and deliverance as it does not actually represent the bible fully unless it is bible electronics only. Other parts in it does not contain the word of God. A site made by an Antichrist on air in the I pad cannot be used. The bible is life and spirit. So are the negatively inspired unholy write-ups saved or running through the electronic especially when in subscription. Talking from experience. The inpad has a voice mode called Siri which is a demon of speech. Imagine that inside the electronic bible a deliverance minister is taking up to the pulpit for revival. Demons will revolt becauses they surely knows their property no matter how small minute or harmless it may be.

Pastor David Abiodun Jimoh, CAC Mount of Divine Love, Glorious District Headquarters, Amadi Ama, Port Harcourt

Mobile bible to my understanding can be said to be an online digital bible downloads from bible apps to our mobile gadgets like phones,  Androids, laptops and other electronic media so as to propagate the word of God (scripture) in different languages to all the continents of the world.
Is mobile bible ideal for use in our Church today?
In order to contribute to the question above let us consider the followings:

(1) Mobile or digital bible is available in different versions and languages hence there is choice for the readers for easy understanding unlike the print (paper) bible that are mostly one version. Also for ease of carrying around either to church, workplace or Christian engagement. Some preachers use different types of bible versions during sermon hence people will be able to flow along in such situation using the same version with the preacher.

 (2) for comparative bible versions either for study or preparation of sermon,  digital or mobile bible is better and more convenient than the print type. It saves more time than flipping through pages of different versions of print bible.

(3) The rate at which electronic gadgets like phones, androids,  laptops etc are been used today is highly encouraging hence people find it easier to read and search with them than print bible. It is more advisable to encourage them to use mobile or digital bible anywhere since the most important thing is the word.

(4) Before the explosion of technology we are used to print books but as from this new dispensation of computer age, print documents and books are gradually been discouraged. Since two generations are involved here: those born  before technology (BBT) and those born during technology, the words of God should be published to the world with the easiest and best known means.

(5) When studying or listening to preaching in Christian gathering: print bible requires jotters while folders are opened on digital bible. It is easier to retrieve stored information from android that jotters.

(6) The print bible on its own part give respect to the carrier than phone or androids when church activities are concerned. With print bible, people respect you as a Christian going to church or Christian gathering unlike when you carry android. People believe that it is disrespecting to God to come to church without a print bible.

(7) When studying the bible, maximum concentration is required hence no disturbance of any sort is allowed since Holy Spirit is involved. This state of mind can only be gotten from print bible unlike digital or mobile bible where different adverts will be prompting, phone can ring, e-mail or some other information enter and you must constantly be touching the screen of your phone or android to avoid unnecessary signing on each time you use for meditations.

(8) information stored on phone or android may be lost completely if the phone is stolen, crashed or any fatal incidents happened to it unlike print bible that people rarely steal.

(9) Print bible is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain than mobile or digital bible. It is more user's friendly unlike the digital bible.
Conclusively,  using mobile or digital bible in our church today to me is ideal as well as using print bible.
As ministers of God my suggestion is that we need to continue to emphasise why Christians should have print bible and use them both at home and in the church.
God's word must be published worldwide through every known means and media. Acts 13:49, Mark 13:10, Mathew 24:14 and Romans 10: 17-18. God bless you all.

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