I know thy works by Pastor Solarin

Pastor S.O Solarin

John's vision of the heavenly throne symbolically describes what is beyond human comprehension.
Jesus gave John messages for seven specific Churches which we are considering His letter to the Church in Philadelphia.
The book was written about 96A.D on Patmos by the Apostle John and the purpose of the letter is to commend,recognise and to warn.The letter was primarily concerned with the church's relation to Jew's.
Philadelphia was founded by and named after AttalusII Philadelphus of Pergamum(159-138BC)who intended it to be a missionary center for the spread of Greek language and culture.

In A.D17,there was a great earthquake and was destroyed along with Sardis and ten other cities.It was rebuilt with help from Tiberius,and in gratitude was changed to Neocaesarea.Under Vespasian,Philadelphia was again changed to Flavia but the old name (Philadelphia)persisted despite all the attempt to change it!

1.Doors that no man can shut was opened before them and they maximize it(Conversion of the lost Jews).
2.Despite that they have little strength,yet,the keep the commandments and the WORD of God.
3.They didn't deny the name of Christ.

1.The unrighteous Jews will bow for the righteous one.Eze36:23;Is60:14
2.They will be kept from the hour of temptation which shall come upon the earth(Rapture).

The coming of our Master,the owner of the Church is at hand.There is no work He did not know.....Hold fast to which thou hast"Fake or original"!

Pastort S.O Solarin
Christ Apostolic Church Mount of Redemption,Gbanda,Arulogun,Oojo,Rd.Ibadan
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