Usage of Electronic Bible: How far, how well?

The advent and advancement of technology has no doubt helped industries all over the world in delivery of product and services. In the Christendom, it has certainly helped in preaching the gospel. CAC NEWS Publisher, ‘Gbenga Bankole writes on how the preachers and Christians have been making used of the opportunities advancement in technology has provided and its disadvantages.

Live streaming, apps, mobile money transfer, hashtag prayer points, Electronic Bible among other technology terms, are gradually taking over Christianity as much of the Nigerian population know it. Some preachers this day don’t come to the pulpits with the old hard copy again, likewise some members.

This day youths prefer going to church with their smartphones which have electronic bible than the hard copy of bibles. So many preachers find it comfortable to make use of electronic bible while preaching and some also used live streaming.

Prominent ministers of God in Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide spoke with CAC NEWS on whether the usage of electronic or mobile bible is ideal on the pulpit and the advantages and disadvantages of it.


Pastor Olu Olorunpomi, Senior Pastor CAC Eternal Praise Lagos

There is nothing wrong with using mobile Bible and other applications on smartphones in the church. Technological advancement is part of ongoing creative activities of God in man's capacity and privilege. The church cannot afford to be left behind because of some parochial and archaic thought patterns. Whether the church likes it or not, things are changing and will continue to change. In some respects for the better and in other aspects, worrisome.

By the way, a church that operates based on rules and regulations, conventions and traditions will always be uncomfortable with change no matter how profitable. Worse still, such a church produces an assembly of zombies and hypocritical churchgoers just as we have today!

Almost every phone has a flight mode which worshippers can use to avoid distractions during service and to maximize the use of their devices for the enhancement of knowledge in worship.

However, where the environment has not matured enough, it's advisable for one to toe the path of honour and understanding of the weakness of others and stick to the hard copy Bible.

Above all, there is no hard and fast rule as regards the use of mobile phone in church.

Pastor Joel Olajubu, CAC Camp of SUCCESS, Lagos

I have answered this question several times and my answer have always been the same which it is wrong to use electronic bible on the pulpit for preaching. Although it can be used to enhance our study of the word of God and to prepare properly for ministration, but it is wrong to go to the pulpit with your mobile Bible, Palm top, laptop etc, without your Bible been added to it.

Our Founding Fathers taught us to always go out with our Bible in our hand, because it's our spiritual sword Hebrews 4:12. It can be needed at any time for spiritual assignment.

Pastor S.A. Asha, CAC Victory Land, Ikotun Lagos

 I don't think it's wrong to use Mobile Bible at the pulpit in any way but the way and manner we misuse things at times  may be quite wrong. Thank God for the development in technology that gave rise to Mobile apps. I want to believe that the inventions were inspired by the intelligent of the Spirit of God to make us have good understanding of God's word as we compare different versions of scripture (John 16:13).

Its advantage is the ability to combine versions of scripture in order to confirm and proof the truth (1Thess.5:21).  Live streaming is another means of reaching out to those who have not been privileged to know our God and it's also a medium we use to get our church members along with our programs wherever they are under the heaven

Well, the disadvantages may be getting too much used to Mobile systems at the expense of prayers and many important things

Pastor S.B.Bakare,  CAC Pentecostal Ibadan

The usage of Bible apps on our Mobile phones in our church is part of multiple spiritual distractions of all Christians. The bible is too powerful for Satan to handle. The bible is the real works of the Holy Spirit (John 1: 1-end. Isaiah 14:14 -end.). The real bible doesn’t need batteries. The real bible doesn’t need charge up before you use it. The real bible doesn’t need phone bills before you use it.  The real bible doesn’t need internet or Wi-Fi before you use it. The real bible can be read by anybody in any nation.

The real bible doesn’t need bible insurance before you use it e.t.c.

The advantage of BIBLE APPS are; people can share any bible verses to anywhere in the world,people can download as many versions as possible free or pay, people can get the Video, Audio or Prints bible APPS, people will always feel free to carry their bible app  with their mobile phones anywhere.

The disadvantages of the bible app is that you have to buy mobile phones to have such bible apps,your phone has to be iPhones or Androids,if you lost your mobile phone, nobody will borrow you their phone, you must always charge your phones, God did not start with us with mobile phones bible apps, Mobile phones do rings when you are trying to read the bible and cause distractions, Tablets are fashion for many New ministers in front of the congregation and mobile phones and tablets cannot be inherited by anybody because of constantly.

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